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Chillin’ weekend at Art Fair

Art has become an experience to a clubbin’ crowd—unthinkable decades ago

Alfredo Esquillo, ‘Nutribun at pene’, Art Fair 2023

Art Fair at the Link is the place to be this weekend—an experience revolving around art, onsite and digital, being sought by the young and the old, over a wide demographic. More than a decade ago, this was unthinkable but today, on the 10th year of Art Fair Philippines, art has become a draw.

On several floors at the Link, Ayala Center, are the exhibits and installations of over 60 galleries and artists, with events lined up, and after 7 p.m., on the roof deck, people chill to the DJ sounds. Art Fair 2023 is clubbing. For its full art fare, read It ends Sunday.

Renato Habulan, Art Fair 2023

Art Fair in visual snippets.

At Secret Fresh, Art Fair 2023

Credit: Art Fair PH 2023

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