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‘Date night’ with Song Kang in Manila

We experienced our own 'love alarm'

Song Kang in Manila
Song Kang: Special communication with fans (Photos and videos by Tinkerbell Poblete)

Have you ever wanted to be in one of those K-dramas where the boyfriend spontaneously meets you after work or on the weekend before a busy week ahead? Well, this South Korean actor did just that by flying four hours to the Philippines on his day-off to meet his Filipino fans for the first time.

Song Kang in Manila Song Kang in Manila

Song Kang’s smile and cute poses from last Sunday’s fan meet should be enough to keep me motivated for the coming week. He even said that he had a fun time, and will go back to Korea promising to work harder.

Aside from being Deoproce Philippines’ new ambassador, he has been hailed as the “Son of Netflix” because most of his dramas—Love AlarmSweet Home, Navillera, Nevertheless, and Forecasting Love and Weather—are streamed on the platform.

The event was filled with sweet moments that made us fall in love with him even more. I made sure to record his morning greeting and popular lines from his dramas during He Kang Do It, but the 10-second staring contest with the camera was just too much to handle.

Song Kang laughed when the lucky fans chosen for Kang-Munication Tutorial kept saying “saranghae” or “I love you” in Korean, instead of the Filipino phrase that they were supposed to teach him.

Song Kang in Manila Song Kang in Manila

The Kang I Call You segment was when a mobile number flashed on the screen, and fans would get the chance to ask the prepared questions. But just when they were giving up on the segment due to the high traffic of calls (and texts), a fan was able to connect. Song Kang gave advice related to love, work, values, and life.

We felt closer to Song Kang as he constantly interacted with the audience during the interview, waving in all directions, or staring at the camera. He clearly paid attention to fans as the butterfly materials around the dark arena didn’t go unnoticed.

Everything was all fun and kilig way up to the last segment when unexpectedly Song Kang shed tears after watching the video compilation of messages from his Filipino fans. His fans are called “Songpyeons”, Songpyeon is a play on his name and the traditional rice cake. Pyeon means side, it has the special connotation of constantly being by Song Kang’s side.

Fans surprised Song Kang with a cake to celebrate his six years in the industry.

Song Kang in Manila

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