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Ferdie Montemayor creates the art of our survival

At Salcedo Private View exhibit opening tomorrow, the contemporary artist presents just how we are doing—with one another

FERDIE MONTEMAYOR, ‘Conference’, 2022, Acrylic on canvas

Known for his vivid and energy-charged canvases that portray a level of sensation through which the city makes itself felt, Ferdie Montemayor will open a solo exhibit at Salcedo Private View, the gallery and private sale subsidiary of premier auction house Salcedo Auctions, entitled Uncompleting Lines, this Saturday, February 12. The show runs through March 5, 2022.

Montemayor is an established figure in contemporary Philippine art, who has received numerous awards. In 1994, Montemayor received the prestigious 13 Artists Award from the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Over the years he has mounted several solo exhibitions in leading galleries and museums here and abroad. Today his work is at the Singapore Art Museum and the Pinto Art Museum collections.

Montemayor is a founding member of Salingpusa, a renowned Filipino artist collective that has influenced the current landscape of Filipino Art.

Uncompleting Lines is a 33-piece exhibit that tells the story of the artist’s experiences, as well as the collective experience of those affected by these uncertain times. Montemayor is devoted to the image of the city that in turn is devoted to the image. The visual elements on display are not mere groupings of random gestural lines. Instead they are highly cohesive, seemingly possessed by a common force that animates the visual narrative, dwelling on this life-changing event.

Montemayor creates nuanced works of art that magnify our view of life. His large-scale monochromatic works analyze the relationship between individuals, communities, and the cities they inhabit by deconstructing their various physical and surface-level properties, translating them into basic semblances of movement, shape, and form. Combining his affinity for the depiction of movement and the lockdown-induced shift towards more technology-dependent forms of entertainment, Montemayor paints a series of six works entitled Tik Tok.

FERDIE MONTEMAYOR, ‘Iingatan ka’, 2022, Acrylic on canvas

Iingatan ka helps its viewers find solace in the art of survival. We have survived through practical means—social quarantines, disinfecting—but also by reaching out to one another, while taking precaution, and helping each other. Human solidarity is what gets us through this. Our drive to survive is great, and we shall do so over and over.

Montemayor’s largest work Conference measures 10 ft by 3 1/2 ft, commanding the attention of anyone who steps into the room where it hangs.

FERDIE MONTEMAYOR, ‘1 meter’, 2022, Acrylic on canvas

Of all the works in the exhibit, it is hard to miss 1 Meter, the stark contrast of its depiction of the socially-distanced human form is highlighted as it hangs alongside works painted with Montemayor’s signature abstracted and energetic linework. The work highlights the reality that during crisis, people like to see their experience mirrored through another medium, especially art, which is visually striking, and which moves the heart. We also find comfort in having our emotions validated—especially from a safe distance.

This exhibition is co-presented by Exclusive Banking Partner HSBC Premier. RSVP Kristine at tel. no. (0917) 591-2191 or email [email protected] to schedule your visit on Saturday, 12 February. Onwards collectors and art enthusiasts may contact Kristine to schedule a private viewing of the collection from Tuesday to Friday, 9 am-5pm, and on Saturdays, 9 am-4 pm.

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