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Who are the creatives dominating the subculture scene?

Fred Perry tells more Night Tales

From top, clockwise: Kai, Paul, Daphne, Migstar, Hix, Tom

Fred Perry’s subculture ethos has long centered around the idea of finding like-minded people, of connecting with each other, and of communing with our community. One respite comes to mind: the spaces we go to after a night out, where likely and unlikely groups find themselves side by side in the wee hours of the morning.

It’s in these spaces where we find that our facades come off and we’re left with who we are. Here is where much of our own Night Tales conclude (or truly begin).

For this quarter, Fred Perry kicked off another round of Night Tales with a continuation of its Subculture Events series, this time as co-presenters for Transit Records’ Evening Breeze event—an alternative to common club programming.


This season sees a serendipitous mix of creatives joining together. Fred Perry is pleased to introduce them here:

Daphne Chao

Daphne Chao is the rising crochet artist behind Ilyang Ilyang, where she creates playful and edgy pieces that push the boundaries of the traditional perceptions many  have about the craft. She was one of the young creatives featured on the cover of Vogue Philippines’ May Issue, and drew international recognition after creating Bretman Rock’s beloved egg vest.

Kai Manlapaz

Kai Manlapaz is a young emerging nail artist behind The Modern Nailist who works under Crimson River, an all-female tattoo studio (whose founders were previously featured in the brand). Amidst Manila’s very green nail art scene, which is focused mainly on traditional manicures, Kai is one of the first artists to break out of the box and create otherworldly, experimental nail art. Her clients now include major fashion and beauty editors, influencers, actors, and even star athletes, of all genders.

Hix Murakami

Hix Murakami is the emerging photographer and filmmaker behind Street Woman Productions, championing Filipino queer and women-led narratives. She has risen to become one of the key young players leading a cinematic movement towards greater representation. She was featured last year on the cover of’s June digital cover.

Tom Bucag

Tom Bucag is a self-taught designer and illustrator who has been making a name for himself in the art scene with his distinctly beautiful, darkly whimsical stylized portraits. Tom’s signature style is aided by his unique inspirations, which include world-renowned hair and makeup artists like Guido Palau or fashion designers like Dries Van Noten. His work has been featured across many major local publications and galleries.

Paul Jatayna

Paul Jatayna is a production designer and event producer who has become a key player in Manila’s underground rave scene. Paul has worked with various subculture groups such as That Elephant Party, Sado Maso Disco, and Boiler Room. These groups pioneered a new wave of parties that highlight drag culture, local creatives, and music appreciation across various genres (from House, to Techno, Disco, and many more). He has also created the sets behind several major local publications, music videos, and commercials.

Miguel Carlos “Migstar” Tarrosa

Migstar is a photographer who has come to be known in Manila for documenting a whole range of subculture movements and happenings. He is a regular fixture at the event groups and raves listed above alongside Paul Jatayna, and has worked with various emerging groups, brands, and publications such as Fortune WWD, Manila Community Radio, Clavel Media, and many more. His Instagram has become a journalistic overview of today’s youth and creative scene.

Photo credits:

Night Tales Campaign
Photographer: Kendrick Cay
Assistant photographer: Dainnie Lopez
Videographer: Miko Reyes

Evening Breeze Event:
Photographers: Mac Villaluna and Javier Pimentel

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