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Glenda Jackson’s BenCab set world record at Salcedo Auctions

The piece formerly owned by iconic actress went for Php11M; Cartier's Panthère sold for Php2M

BenCab’s 'Subway Madonna' (left) set record (based on size), the same piece in a photograph of British acting legend Glenda Jackson (right), the painting’s previous owner, shown in the coffeetable book BenCab written by Cid Reyes and Krip Yuson, published in 2002

Set at the Salcedo Auction’s Under the Tree: The Wish List last Saturday, December 2, was the milestone world record sale of National Artist BenCab’s Subway Madonna, previously owned by the iconic actress Glenda Jackson. It went for P11,096,000—the highest price, based on size, for any work by the National Artist sold at auction.

Napoleon Abueva’s 12-seat bench, created in the same year he received the National Artist Award in 1976, matched Salcedo’s world record at P3,036,800.

Philippine National Artists set new records—Napoleon Abueva for a 12-seat bench, matching Salcedo’s world record at P3,036,800; Mauro Malang Santos, for 2006 oil-on-canvas Vendors sold at P3,854,400, and the vanguard abstractionist Constancio Bernardo, for an 18×18-0inch 1971 acrylic-on-wood July sold at P443,840.

National Artists were the main drivers at the Fine Art section of the sale, with Federico Aguilar Alcuaz’s painting from the Tres Marias series (left) fetching P1,635,200, a new record, and Vicente Manasala’s untitled watercolor (right) closing at P 2,102,400.

Another milestone was a new record set for any Tres Marias painting by National Artist Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, fetching P1,635,200. National Artist Vicente Manansala’s watercolor sold at P2,102,400—a 1957 work Untitled (Canal Scene).

Constancio Bernardo’s ‘July’ (left) and Mauro Malang Santos’ ‘Vendors’ set price standards closing at P443,840 and P3,854,400 respectively.

Both the Jewelry and Timepieces and Ecclesiastic Art categories did notably well, highlighted by the sale of the iconic Our Lady of Guadalupe oil painting, featured on the cover of the book Aba Ginoong Maria, with a final sale price of P876,000. The diamond-encrusted Panthère watch in 18k gold by Cartier fetched nearly P2,000,000, proving the continuous growth of these categories at Salcedo Auctions.

A Cartier Panthère watch with custom diamonds closed at nearly P2,000,000, signifying the continuous growth of Salcedo Auctions’ ‘Jewelry and Timepieces’ category.

Salcedo Auctions showcases important Philippine design—the iconic Ziggy prototype chair by Kenneth Cobonpue, who received year’s Pratt Legends award; Cobonpue is a graduate of Pratt. The Ziggy chair went for P221,920.

Under the Tree: The Wish List was presented in partnership with HSBC, with the support of The Estate, Makati.

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