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Hermès new milestone: Hand care, color using natural extracts

24 enamel hues echo the craftmanship, alchemy the luxury brand is noted for

Les Mains Hermes © Studio des fleurs

In yet another game-changing milestone, Hermès unveils Les Mains Hermès for a woman’s hands. Combining care and color, it consists of a complete hand care cream, a nourishing oil for nails and cuticles, a protective base coat, nail enamels, a top coat, and a set of nail files. There are 24 enamel colors—unique, highly nuanced hues that are vibrant or subdued, visually stimulating or calming, all elegant.

 Introduced in 2020, Hermès Beauty has quickly become a core métier for Hermès. This new chapter opens with a collection where care and beauty echo each other, in harmony with Hermès’ handicrafts and workmanship.

In Hermès workshops, hands craft and embellish, they demonstrate the beauty of gesture and the art of exalting the material. Hands are intuitive, talented, and precious. They are connected to a tradition inseparable from horse-riding and Hermès saddlery.

Hands are the reflection of the self, “the instrument of instruments,” according to Aristotle. They express the connection between the heart, the eye, and the mind. The Mains Hermès collection is a testament to the attention paid to all these hands; it is the messenger and guarantor of their everyday beauty, from care to color.

“This new collection builds on the natural and sophisticated nature of the first gesture, Rouge Hermès,” says Pierre Hardy, creator of Hermès Beauty objects and creative director of Hermès shoes and jewelry. “While make-up can be fun, whimsical, or dramatic, Hermès care is designed like an intimate and pure essential object.”

Complete hand care cream has 98 percent natural ingredients

This first care product by Hermès, the complete hand care cream, is Cosmos Natural certified by Ecocert, and stands out for its composition of 98 percent natural ingredients. This exclusive formula, developed by Hermès’ research and development laboratories and made in France, is an exceptional cream for everyday use.

The formula’s principal plant actives release their proven properties. White mulberry extract (Morus alba L.), the hallmark of Hermès Beauty, is its emblematic active ingredient, aeroponically grown to protect the plant from damage.

Its smoothing, unifying properties are associated with those of a complex of hyaluronic acid and derivatives, which provide long-lasting hydration for the skin, both on the surface and deep down. Natural moss combined with precious Passiflora oil repairs the epidermis and protects it from external aggressors.

Lastly, a plant-based emollient complex blended with precious mastic resin tears (Pistacia lentiscus L.) has a nourishing and hydrating effect on the nails.

The scent of this complete hand care cream was created by Christine Nagel, director of olfactory creation for Hermès. A bold fragrance, composed of natural ingredients, shapes a comforting, aromatic signature designed to reinterpret the smell of therapeutic essences like sandalwood and delicate arnica absolute, with fresh rosewater and the captivating, woody notes of patchouli.

Formulated by Hermès’ research and development laboratories, the Cosmos Natural-certified nail and cuticle nourishing oil has 100 percent natural ingredients. It nourishes and protects the nails from external aggressors through the combined action of five oils with renowned properties, blended with precious mastic resin tears, white mulberry extract, and vitamin E. It contains the essential nutrients required to nourish, hydrate and fortify the nails and surrounding skin, while protecting the area from dryness. The oil also hydrates and softens the cuticles. It is easy to apply and non-greasy, leaving the nails ready for color.

Hermès hand beauty incorporates lessons from enameling, one of the house’s areas of expertise, a métier where glazing and the art of color and radiance are the result of true alchemy.

A formula containing 69 percent natural ingredients, protected from the light inside its white lacquered bottle, the enamel base coat is the first step of the ritual. Made in France, it is enriched with precious mastic resin tears. Its smooth texture, in translucent white, unifies and protects the nails. Perfected by the base coat’s invisible satin softness, the nails are prepared for color while extending its longevity.

The palette has dozens of blues, reds, pinks and greens

To create rich shades in taut, fine layers, the master-enameler’s palette contains dozens of blues, from Bleu Abysse to Bleu Turquin, Jodhpur, Curaçao and Atoll, an array of reds (Brique, Baroque, Bandana, Jumping), pinks (Velours, Flamingo, Florida, Cassata), and greens (Amande, Argile, Lichen, Menthe, Mousse).

Hermès’ nail enamel is available in 24 shades inspired by the colors, nuances, intensity, and radiance of enamel. Twenty-four, after the emblematic number of 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Hermès’ address in Paris since 1880.

From the simplicity of the nail file to the refinement of the case that holds the ritual’s tools, the two Mains Hermès accessories reflect the beauty of gesture in every way. Twelve nail files in poplar wood from sustainably managed forests are packed in a perfectly dimensioned orange box. Their size is ideal, their suppleness accompanies the gesture, and their color is irresistible.

These files are double-sided: one side beige, the other orange. The first is used to file the nail rapidly and give it the desired shape. The second, with a finer grain, is used to smooth and perfect the manicure. One of the smallest of the house’s objects, the file finds a functional echo in the new, double-sided silk scarves, or the shawls in cashmere and leather.

Crafted by Hermès leather workers, the nail enamel carousel consists of three trays held together with an adjustable harness. Different areas of the house’s know-how have contributed to creating this exceptional object in Terre Battue-colored Tadelakt calfskin which takes 26 hours to make. It evokes the childish excitement felt in the face of a colorful leather gift, as inside a round box lies a magical ritual—24 colors of nail enamel, the nourishing oil, and the base and top coats—for an object like the rarest of talismans.

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