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Holiday self-care packages of Ultherapy and Skin Booster Treatment

YOU+ Intelligent Aesthetics launches limited-time offers

Repurpose the art of giving this holiday season—gift one with self-care. YOU+ Intelligent Aesthetics has exclusive promotions designed to nurture and rejuvenate his holiday season.

YOU+ Intelligent Aesthetics has limited-time offers:

The Ultherapy Treatment is a revolutionary non-invasive procedure harnessing ultrasound technology. This treatment goes deep into the skin, stimulating collagen production for a gradual, natural lift. More than cosmetic enhancement, it taps into the skin’s inherent vitality.

The Skin Booster Treatment enriches the skin’s texture, elasticity, firmness, and hydration, for an enhanced overall appearance. It’s a revitalizing experience to nurture the skin, and eventually one’s mood and spirit.

The Ultherapy Treatment has “buy one take one” or 1+1 promo, the Skin Booster Treatment has “buy two take one” or 2+1 treatment package.

This season is the perfect time for  self-care, self-love, and appreciation of the people who give us moments of love and laughter.

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