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Hop into new year with white rabbit in hanbok at Once Upon A Time…Hanbok Fairytale

Unique exhibit features Korean artist with ties to the Philippines

'Once Upon a Time…Hanbok Fairytale of Wooh Nayoung' Entrance

Once Upon A Time…Hanbok Fairytale of Wooh Nayoung is a reimagined world of fairytale with Korean twist and a good year starter to enjoy with fairytale-loving family and friends. The exhibit is running until Feb. 28, 2023, at the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines, every Monday to Saturday, on Bayani Road in Taguig.

‘Once Upon a Time…Hanbok Fairytale of Wooh Nayoung’ Exhibition Hall

The magical space surrounded by images, artistically displayed letterings, and colorful cloth draped in the center will make you feel like you stepped into a giant fairytale book. You can see the famous princesses like Cinderella or Rapunzel in hanbok and their precious animal friends as well. From the white rabbit of Alice of Wonderland, seamstress mice of Cinderella, to cats in different hanbok, you will surely enjoy discovering their magical transformations in the exhibit.

‘Legend of Malakas and Maganda’ Illustrations

Artist Wooh Nayoung’s love for cute animals does not stop there as more animals are featured in her new work for the Philippine exhibit. She said in the opening ceremony, “I enjoyed working on The Legend of Malakas and Maganda, because I personally like [the] Philippine lizard and, in this legend, [the] lizard plays a big role.” Her new work, comprised of six illustrations, is displayed nowhere in the world but only at KCC.

‘Once Upon a Time…Hanbok Fairytale of Wooh Nayoung’ Exhibition Visitors

Visitors can take with them a part of the exhibition. In the children section of KCC’s library, coloring station is set up for the young (and young at heart!) visitors to reimagine their own fairytale with different colors. Plus, when visitors share in their social media showing themselves enjoying the exhibition and present at the reception area, they can get a set of postcards to bring home! Make sure to check KCC’s social media page for detailed instructions.

Artist Wooh Nayoung’s experience in majoring in Korean painting and working in a game company led to creating her own style of combining Western and Eastern characteristics. She is currently promoting the beauty of hanbok to the world through her works and collaborations with Hollywood and Disney.

The exhibit ‘Once Upon A time…Hanbok Fairytale of Wooh Nayoung’ will be available until Feb. 28, 2023 at the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines, 59 Bayani Rd, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City from Monday – Friday, 9AM- 4PM and every Saturdays 10AM – 4PM, excluding Sundays and Holidays. There will be no entrance fee for the exhibit, but guests are advised to bring their vaccination card to present upon entry. Only a maximum of 60 people are allowed inside the building at a time for health and safety regulations.

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