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When a tycoon grooves to BTS

Look who’s ‘shining through the city with a little funk and soul’

Andrew Tan does his ‘Dynamite’. (From Kevin Tan IG)

WHO were the haters again who said BTS appeals only to hysterical teenagers?

Presenting a confirmed heavyweight fan: Filipino billionaire Andrew Tan, head honcho of the Alliance Global Group Inc. (AGI), which runs Megaworld Corporation, Emperador Distillers Inc. and Golden Arches Development Corporation (yes, that’s McDonalds).

Seems like Tan, 69, has taken to regular exercise to stay healthy during quarantine, including swimming and dancing to burn calories and stay agile.

Well, Tan’s son Kevin, now CEO of AGI, recently posted a cute Instagram video of Dad dancing to—wait for it—BTS’ Dynamite! This, after Tan senior called his son to a one-on-one meeting, “and tells me to close the door behind me.”

Just as Kevin was wondering how serious the discussion would be, his father opened the Dynamite video on YouTube—“Then boom, he busts out the moves, and the topic is how to be ARMY.”

Kevin also added the sweet detail that his mom is a big BTS fan, “so now you know who this was secretly for,” with the hashtag #LoverBoy. Light it up like dynamite, Mr. Tan!

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