On a unique night with Nude Floor, the senses take over

A visual and performance art exhibit shows new ways to curate an integrative and perception-based event

“A Part or Apart? II” by Paraluman x Roomi x Corrine Serrano Floral and funga arrangement, Tibetan singing bowls

Nude Floor, a multidisciplinary art studio, presented The Gallery, a one-night multi-sensory exhibit (Oct. 15, 2023) where art and movement created a unique and immersive experience. The event held at Samsung Performing Arts Theater was a compelling platform for creatives, proposing newer ways to curate an integrative and perception-based event. It was a collaborative exercise between restraint and letting go, a reminder of how important sensorial awareness is in our everyday realities.

‘Sound in Movement’ choreographed by Keycee Velez, performed by Keycee Velez and John Yngwie

Hanging installation entitled ‘It only takes a moment to fall in love again’ by Kelli Maeshiro

Imagine walking into a dimly lit room, to the sound of soft music and the smell of incense. The walls were lined with beautiful, thoughtfully made and curated art.

“out•set” choreographed by Angelica Arda, performed by Jaja Bordado, Nica Santos, Ysai Castro, Angel Datangan, Jana Mahusay, Edd Vicente, Jolo Santos, Kobe Ramos, Kevin Toy, Seyah Singson

Hanging installation entitled ‘It only takes a moment to fall in love again’ by Kelli Maeshiro

The Samsung Performing Arts Theater was reworked for the unique concept, with an all-encompassing 360-degree view. With the theater as backdrop, the viewers entered through the backstage, for a sense of intimacy.


‘Beyond the End, and Eternal End (Portal’ by Jao San Pedro of Single-channel video

Photographer and film major Lem Atienza narrates his experience as one of the guests of the exhibit:

Imagine walking into a dimly lit area, to soft music and the smell of incense. The space welcomes viewers with two of my favorite pieces: Kelli Maeshiro’s “Fly and Never Come Down”, a contemporary sculpture that forms like cellular membranes, and Derek Tumala’s Holo 01, which immerses the audiences through holographic installation–an eye-catching layer of mesh fabric, illuminated by abstract light and motion graphics.

Farther on, we encounter Mano Gonzales’ Pure Element and Ralph Mendo’s Ocean Pool, which share the same subject and metaphor: the element water and its ability to emulate and represent allure and grace.

The senses carry on as the smell of incense lingers in unison with beautiful, thoughtfully made floral and funga arrangements by Paraluman, Roomi and Corinne Serrano, accompanied by Tibetan singing bowls–an evocation of stillness and oneness with nature. Jao San Pedro’s “Beyond the End, an Eternal End (Portal) is a thought provoking approach to form and fluidity by merging and reconstructing bodies and landscapes in a single channel of seven minute and seven seconds of video.
The stage lights dim, the movements begin. Dancers moving gracefully, pulsating, flowing and turning in time with the music– their bodies in electrifying performances, ranging from Krump, Hip Hope, Ballroom Voguing and Improvisations. 

As we continue to explore The Gallery, the thought begins to register: this is not just a place for art and dance, but a place where magic can be cultivated. The combination of creativity, movement, and imagination is truly moving, and you feel yourself being swept away by the synergy of the space.

Deeper into the night, like a denouement, you feel transformed, inspired, and filled with overflowing wonder. This is the enchantment of The Gallery – a celebration of art and performance culminated together to give a truly exceptional encounter with our senses.

‘Need’ choreographed by Ashvinder Singh, performed by Ashvinder Singh, Kenshin Tabion , Jho Popanes, Kyla Iguban, Chenoa Jorge, Jewel Gamba, Diego Lo, Carlos Serrano, Jerick Cruz, Roland Alfred Bernd Oreta Garcia

Photos by Gab Villaruel

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