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Airport arrival fashion: Michelle Dee nails it

Renz Reyes describes his denim statement

Michelle Dee
Michelle Dee in Renz Reyes upon her arrival in El Salvador. Photo by Miss Universe Philippines

Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee arrived in El Salvador for the Miss Universe 2023 pageant, dressed in a fashion-forward, very distinctive denim ensemble designed by Renz Reyes. It was a fashion statement perfect for airport fashion that social media laps up today.

Michelle Dee

Michelle Dee

In his own words, Reyes, one of the names to watch out for in Philippine fashion design, explains his signature distressed aesthetic which Michelle Dee so nailed for netizens to rave about:

“The denim look Michelle Wore for her arrival in El Salvador was part of the latest collection which I just showcased at Bench Fashion Week last September.  My signature utilitarian tailoring on denim which was one of the central themes of my collection.

“I wanted to utilize denim, which is a more casual textile and make it more dressy and interesting.

“I love playing with graphic lines and I worked it into the stitching and embroidery.  I used utilitarian details like pockets and straps to add interest to the tailoring. The skirt she wore was actually a pair of pants which I had made too small. I did not want to waste all the beautiful embroidery on it so i took it apart and reengineered it into this mid-length deconstructed skirt. This was one of those problem-solving moments that paid off.”

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