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‘Annyeong’: Yeobo Yeobo bowl is back

It has quinoa, baby spinach, baked mushrooms,
alfalfa sprouts, Korean chili vinaigrette

SaladStop! Yeobo Yeobo Grain Bowl

Good news for healthy eaters and followers of K-drama and K-pop: the Yeobo Yeobo warm grain bowl is back at SaladStop! for a limited time.

This grain bowl is made up of warm quinoa, baby spinach, baked mushrooms, edamame, sweet corn, alfalfa sprouts, grated cage-free eggs, topped with beef bulgogi, and dressed with Korean Chili Vinaigrette.

The dressing takes the spotlight in SaladStop!’s seasonal offer, as it was specially created for Yeobo Yeobo. It is spicy with a hint of sweetness to complement the earthy and savory ingredients. The Korean Chili Vinaigrette is also made from scratch, with no preservatives or artificial coloring.

As a proponent of healthy lifestyle, SaladStop! offers a different way to enjoy the flavors of Korea. This bowl offers the three main nutrients: carbohydrates, protein, and fat. This Korean-inspired treat is protein-packed, with one bowl serving up more than 20 percent of the body’s daily protein requirement, providing one the energy needed for the day.

“Yeobo” is a term of endearment in Korean, which makes the Yeobo Yeobo grain bowl something to offer a loved one as expression of endearment.

Available at all SaladStop! branches in Metro Manila (except SM Megamall), this seasonal grain bowl is available for P395 from September 7 to October 25 only.

Visit www.SaladStop.ph. For updates, @SaladStopPH on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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