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Benilde designers debut on digital runway today

Technology showcase—from 3D to fabric sculpting

From the Valorus Collection by Benilde student Jasia Laine Valencia

From the Tsuyoi Collection by Benilde student Graciela Angelu Sevilla

Forty-four promising designers are set to bring fashion innovation to a wider scale when they debut in Sinulid 2022, a digital runway show on March 18, 2022.

Sinulid is the highly successful annual culminating event that showcases the knowledge, craftsmanship, and skills of the graduating Fashion Design and Merchandising (FDM) students of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts.

Sinulid 2022 is free and open to the public. It will be conducted via Zoom on Friday, March 18, 2022 and will be livestreamed online on the official Facebook pages of Benilde FDM and Sinulid. The collections will be featured in a virtual gallery on

From the Shou Collection by Benilde student Jazmin Megan Tan

From the RAW Collection by Benilde student Belinda In

From the Perched Studios Collection by Benilde student Kimberly Renee Racho

With the theme Patches of Introspection, this year’s installment utilizes the vast possibilities of technology as young artists exemplify diverse ways to communicate individual perspectives and artistic journeys in a period of global upheaval.

The virtual display will feature manipulation of new and unconventional materials and exploration of different techniques such as 3D and eco-printing, quilting and fabric sculpting, jewelry-making, and beading.

Sinulid 2022 will debut a wide range of collections, from dark ensembles inspired by grotesque tales, strange characters, and creeping anxieties, to dazzling ’70s glam rock fashion reminiscent of the happy-go-lucky days of disco.

From the Joie De Vivre Collection by Benilde student Luisa Marina Nuñez

From the Grotesque Collection by Benilde student Nichicco Asilo

From the Athlestics Collection by Benilde student Sherina Tolentino

There will also be silhouettes that embody self-discoveries and emotional phases amid the world’s longest lockdown, as well as ready-to-wear eco-dyed pieces that evoke the value of healing through consciousness.

Culture and tradition will be highlighted in stylish hand-embroidered looks evocative of various Chinese festivals, as well as samurai-inspired garments as a nod to the ideals of the Japanese.

It adheres to inclusion, not exclusivity, by having trendy but practical wear for athletic children, plus protective gear designed for plus-sized women.

To explore the effects of the pandemic on the health and state of being, a wellness workshop will be conducted at the launch. It will be facilitated by certified mindfulness, holistic health and wellness coach, and fitness instructor Cam Lagmay, who advocates a healthy and fit lifestyle. The event will be hosted by beauty influencer and Benilde FDM homegrown talent Rovin Mizuse.

From the Fluidity Collection by Benilde student Eliza Jane Honrado

From the Floe Collection by Benilde student Zoie Isabella Garcia

From the 1970 Collection by Benilde student Danica Chua

Sinulid 2022 is co-presented by All British Cars, Inc. and is sponsored by Slimmers World, Ikigai, MillennX, Beatriz Accessories, and Manila Bay Thread Corporation.

Interested participants may register through

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