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Brandon and Meryl Aw: When a wedding feels like fun clubbing

But set in a most tasteful Tuscan romantic fantasy

Brandon and Meryl Aw in a Tuscany-inspired wedding setting

Tuscan romance fantasy setting of Bran and Meryl Aw’s wedding reception

The moment you stepped onto the foyer of the Grand Hyatt Ballroom, you knew that this would not be an ordinary wedding reception. In place of reception cocktails was a pub at the side, where guests helped themselves to cocktail concoctions. Bran’s Pub, the sign said.

The newlyweds

Brandon and Meryl Aw in pub setting of cocktail reception

Walking into the Grand Ballroom, you were transported to an open field of flowers, with the initials B & M on the center of the stage, lit chandeliers and hanging lights covering the entire expanse of the ceiling. This was the lush and tasteful execution by event designer Teddy Manuel of the wish of Brandon Aw and Meryl Nolasco to have a Tuscany-inspired wedding.

Lush but tastefully done Tuscany-inspired romance fantasy wedding setting, with intricate transformation of the ballroom ceiling—the signature expertise of Teddy Manuel (Photo by

Reception at Grand Hyatt Manila—event styling by Teddy Manuel, lights and sound by Forscink Inc., LED Graphics by Always in Motion (Photo by Adrian Ardiente)

Fittingly, the couple planned wine and spirits to figure specially in their wedding last November 18. Brandon Jon is the youngest of three sons of Benny and Olivia Limpe-Aw of the clan behind the oldest living distillery in the Philippines (founded in 1852). Brandon’s older brothers Aaron and Clifford, and now Brandon, have successfully brought the distillery to today’s generations with their innovative variants inspired by Philippine fruits and products, such as the popular Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur or Manille Liqueur de Calamansi and other drinks which were, of course, served handily at the wedding.

But going beyond the spirits, it was the couple and their friends, with no filter during the program, who added the cool and hip factor to the grand wedding. It was fun, especially with a most irreverent MC, Sam Yg, who led the friends’ ribbing and roasting of the couple. Guests felt like they were crashing the clubbing of friends, and evesdropping on their private lives and jokes. That was how we found out how Meryl, who has an online fashion line, met Brandon; she was at the lowest point of her life, a downside moment that turned into a love story. Meryl comes from the all-girl brood of Peter and Jocelyn Nolasco.

After the touching and solemn nuptial rites at Santuario de San Antonio in Forbes, Makati, the reception was impressive entertainment for family and friends, with artist Ira Marasigan singing, with composer/arranger Tats Faustino on the keyboard. The couple’s friends did some wacky numbers onstage, and DJs Rammy Bitong, Migs Santillan, and Brandon himself keeping the party and after-party vibe.

Served right at the table was a veritable lauriat of Double-boiled Seafood Soup, Braised Chilean Sea Bass, Wok-fried Angus Beefsteak, Wok-fried Scallop Broccoli, Kung Pao Chicken, Braised E-fu Noodles, and dessert of Mandarin Confit, Yogurt Sorbet, and of course, Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur.

Coffee menu at the pub

The night was a feast for the senses—and the heart. Brandon and Meryl make falling in love seem like a forever-fun!

The newlyweds with their parents—Peter Nolasco, Jocelyn Nolasco, Meryl Nolasco Aw, Brandon Limpe-Aw, Olivia Limpe-Aw, Benny Aw




Principal sponsors: (Front  row) Amelia Chua, Susana T. Vergara, Coll. Carmelita M. Talusan, Sen. Imee R. Marcos, Peter Nolasco, Jocelyn Nolasco, Meryl Nolasco-Aw, Brandon Limpe-Aw, Olivia Limpe-Aw, Benny Aw, Eric Puno, Sen. Gregorio Honasan, Adamson A. Bactat  Back row: Julie Chung, Judy K. Bactat, Arlene V. Gotianse, Josephine Tan Co, director John M. Simon, Mayor Benjie B. Magalong, Victoriano Y. Borromeo, Xavier Lao, Ceasar L. Gotianse

Nolasco family: Caitlin Nolasco, Guji Lorenzana, Cassidy Lorenzana, Cheska Nolasco-Lorenzana, Brielle Lorenzana, Jocelyn Nolasco, Meryl Nolasco Aw, Peter Nolasco, Zoe Carrancho, Celina Nolasco-Carrancho, Jc Carrancho, Nikki Nolasco-Tan, Taron Tan, Jason Tan

Aw- Nolasco entourage: first row—Bailey Aw, Zoe Carrancho, Brielle Lorenzana, Cassidy Lorenzana, Marvin Fernando, Mark De Leon, Jedwyn Tiu, Manny Pineda; second row—Cheska Nolasco-Lorenzana, Karla Manuel, Colleen Fernando, Maureen Limpe-Tañedo, Caitlin Nolasco, Nikki Nolasco-Tan, Meryl Nolasco Aw, Brandon Limpe-Aw, Aaron Limpe-Aw, Art Limpe-Aw, Kevin Lim, Clifford Limpe-Aw, Jett Manuel; third row—Jia Buenaventura, Alyssa Tan, Ava Chiu Wan, Ara Bactat, Celina Nolasco-Carrancho, Kevin Ang, Jake Amigo Chan, Jacob Alava, Gere Co, Sean Lao, Miles Que

Nolasco family with the newlyweds: Guji Lorenzana, Brielle Lorenzana, Cheska Nolasco-Lorenzana, Cassidy Lorenzana, Jc Carrancho, Celina Nolasco-Carrancho, Zoe Carrancho, Jocelyn Nolasco, Meryl Nolasco Aw, Brandon Limpe-Aw, Peter Nolasco, Caitlin Nolasco, Nikki Nolasco-Tan, Jason Tan

The bride with her sisters Cheska Nolasco-Lorenzana, Celina Nolasco-Carrancho, Nikki Nolasco-Tan, Caitlin

Olive Limpe-Aw with guests Asian Dragon editor Apa Ongpin and Melody Flores

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