Be with BTS: Immersive exhibit ongoing at Gateway Mall

At B*Verse BTS, Singing The Stars exhibit, the global stars are close enough to touch

The author at the exhibit lobby

Last 14 May, YiZ Entertainment CEO Joe Yi, with Araneta City and other partners, opened the BTS-theme immersive The Fact Music Awards Exhibition B*Verse BTS, Singing The Stars. The event was well supported by various BTS ARMYs, among them BTS ARMY QC PH, Borahae from Manila, Titas of BTS, Lola Amada & Nicole, and BTS ARMYmom Love. It runs until Aug. 15, 2024, Level 4, Gateway Mall 2.

Suga’s Art Planet, one of seven rooms

The exhibition has unique attractions: A Virtual Reality room, where one puts on virtual reality goggles to enjoy BTS performances on the 2021-2022 TMA stage. As you enter BTS Universe through an orbital tunnel, you see a tree with digital photo boxes that feature each of the seven BTS members. The seven rooms are themed to suit each of the members, definitely giving every ARMY a deeper appreciation of their bias.

RM’s Nature Planet, Jin’s Satellite, Suga’s Art Planet, J-Hope’s Hope Planet, Jimin’s Aqua Planet, V’s Film Planet, and Jung Kook’s Prism Planet each showcases well-curated photos.

Media photographers pose with BTS standees.

The author with Uniprom sales and marketing manager Lulu Siguenza-Chua

In the ARMY Way sector, BTS group photos and heartwarming BTS lyrics are displayed. This leads to the TMA History sector, where the TMA Awards from 2020 to 2022 are presented. An Immersive Post Show is the last sector of the exhibition.

BTS kits for attendees

Theme desserts at the opening reception

Before the Photo Zone, a BTS Gift Shop offers special B*Verse merchandise: B*Verse t-shirts in black and white, tote bags, photo card sets, clear files, brochures, and 2024 calendars.

The invitation to the opening

The B*Verse BTS, Singing the Stars exhibit runs from 17 May to 15 August 2024 at Level 4, Gateway Mall 2, Araneta City, Cubao, Quezon City.

Ticket prices are at P1,900 for Flexi Pass P1,500 for Regular Pass, available at Ticketnet.com.ph.

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