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Davao designer’s home line helps T’boli

Environment-friendly products help ethno-linguistic communities

T'boli Monom weaver artisans from Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Solihiya baskets

NIñOFRANCO HOME was born out of the need to expand the opportunities and livelihood of ethno-linguistic communities, specifically the T’boli community during pandemic.

T’boli artisan weaver making a solihiya

“We are determined to focus on the organic art and culture that our T’boli partners often inspire in the natural earth. As we launch NIñOFRANCO HOME, we will be initially relying on solihiya as our design pattern, and rattan & wood as our medium. We aim to push the limits of our chosen pattern and medium to experiment, explore, and create variations and reiterations in our pieces,” says Wilson Niñofranco Limon, founder of Niñofranco Home which has launched modern hand-made home accessories that are both aesthetic and utilitarian, such as trays and baskets.

Solihiya wooden trays

It started as hobby between friends. NIñOFRANCO VESTA was launched. NIñOFRANCO HOME has scented candle line. “Our team spent months in mixing waxes, experimenting wicks, testing hundreds of scents, and a few burns in the kitchen and our skin to create the kind of candles we want to smell in our abodes and spaces,” Limon said.

It is an accumulation of passion of friends who appreciate the beauty of home and how candles amplify it and make and feel everything better in one’s personal space.

“Choosing soy wax in our candles not only has its green advantages, but it also burns slower than the paraffin wax,” Franco said. “Also, soy candles burn cleaner—resulting in lesser soot. Our soy wax is made from environment-friendly, renewable resources; whereas paraffin wax is made from petroleum and is non-renewable.”

The Vesta line has 10 scents composed of classic scents:
Sea Breeze, Fresh Bamboo, Coffee Bean, Lavender, and Green Tea. To the premium scents:
Black Sea, Oakmoss and Amber, Mint Mojito, Himalayan Bamboo, and Clean Cotton.

Vesta scented candles use soy wax for it burns slower than paraffin wax

These uncertain times require further push to exploring possibilities and avenues in helping communities, that is why NIñOFRANCO is steadfast and relentless in doing so. Visit Vesta Archives – NIñOFRANCO (

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