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Dr. Vicki Belo: A woman’s
self-love formula (with K-Pop dance)

‘You might also exhaust yourself, and not have
anything left to give to your loved ones’

Dr. Vicki Belo: 'I’ve learned to ask myself what it is that will make me happy.'

The life story of Dr. Vicki Belo is an open book—something that many of her followers (she, her husband Dr. Hayden Kho and daughter Scarlet Snow have millions on social media) have apparently not grown tired listening to and retelling.

Through steadfast training, relentless research and sheer grit, through the years, she pioneered the cosmetic beauty industry in the country and made acceptable to men and women erstwhile socially unconventional procedures such as liposuction, fillers, eye lift, nose lift and even breast surgery. Through all this, she has always stressed that self-confidence was part and parcel of shaping one’s identity and attaining success, be it in the corporate world or elsewhere.

With candor and brave honesty, she let the public in on her roller coaster romance with a dashing doctor some years her junior—a love story which brought them to the altar in a most celebrated wedding in Paris.

And—who wouldn’t want to start or end their day viewing the cute posts of Scarlet Snow, who, from her toddler years to now, is one of the most followed children in Instagram?

Dr. Vicki Belo is always a woman’s story of reality check and ultimately empowerment that’s worth retelling this Women’s Month or at any time. An incredibly successful career woman. A devoted wife and mother who’s defied the odds. A brave, beautiful woman inside out.

We find notable what she says here, and she could be speaking for millions of people as well: “I’m really so much happier now because I spend so much time praying.”

In this Q/A with, she talks about how she’s tried to stay focused in this pandemic, how the Belo medical group has made the pivot to continue to thrive, and how a woman can practise self-love. See the video.

What do you think are the ways a woman could practise self-love in this pandemic? 

Self-love is really important because you really can’t love other people well unless you love yourself. You might also exhaust yourself, and not have anything left to give to your loved ones. During the pandemic, I’ve come to realize what is truly important to me. I’ve learned to ask myself what it is that will make me happy.

I’m really so much happier now because I spend so much time praying 

I meditate every day, light a scented candle, and keep the room really quiet. I also keep my mind quiet, and this really reenergizes me, like I’ve slept well eight hours. I also work out doing the types of exercises I enjoy. These include K-Pop dancing, ballet, Pilates, functional fitness, and Bikram Yoga. I just alternate all those exercises to keep my workouts interesting and exciting.

The language of love that people do for me is touch, so I always ask for hugs from Scarlet and Hayden. These all make me feel so safe and loved. I’m really so much happier now because I spend so much time praying.

What have you done to beat the cooped-up feeling? 

That has been a big challenge for me because I used to travel often, and I love seeing new things. I’ve learned to really enjoy playing with Scarlet. Hide and Seek has been more fun. We do a lot of local travel now. We went to places like Balesin, and Amanpulo to see the Philippines, our beautiful country. We also went to Kenya for our Christmas vacation because it was one of the places that was safe to go to, had great safety protocols, and we were the only ones in the safari camps. It was such a pleasant trip, and it was a great reset.

What are the beauty procedures/treatment or self-pampering you advise women or men to have even in this pandemic? 

We now have a lot of exclusive Belo procedures. We pivoted during COVID by creating B-I-Y (Belo-It-Yourself) Kits which are available in The Belo Shop (

Our most popular treatments include the Belo Body Scrub Glow Kit, which you can do at home with your husband, wife, sisters, and etc. It effectively help exfoliate dead skin. As we get older, we don’t desquamate or exfoliate compared to before. After a while, our skin gets dry, and doesn’t feel soft. The Belo Body Scrub Glow Kit makes your skin feel smooth, soft, and wonderful. We’ve also done a lot of Glycolic Peels, and treatments that make the skin softer. We have the Belo Illuminating System that includes the Illuminating Soap, packed with powerful brightening ingredients that will also even out your skin tone, and the Illuminating Cream which helps make you glow.

Our most popular procedure now is Belo Vivace…. kills the bacteria, shrinks pores, reduces oiliness, rejuvenates the skin, and evens out the skin color

In the clinic, our most popular procedure now is the Belo Vivace, which is micro-needling with Blue and Red Light and radiofrequency. This kills the bacteria, shrinks pores, reduces oiliness, rejuvenates the skin, and evens out the skin color.

Next, the Belo ADVALight, which is wonderful solid-state Yellow Laser for Skin Quality, makes your collagen and elating a lot healthier, makes your pores smaller, gets rid of oiliness, redness, and pigmentation. The Belo BioNutriGlow has been really popular— because we’ve been wearing masks, there’s even greater emphasis on the eyes.

We also have a wonderful eye cream, the FillMed HXR Eye Cream, which brightens dark circles, lifts the upper eyelids, smoothens fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces puffiness. It has been a blessing to have all these wonderful creams and treatments that you can do at home, and in our clinics.

What are the health/safety protocols you continue to implement in the clinic? 

The new normal at the Belo Medical Group includes COVID-19 Online Screening, utilizing our AI-powered system which also informs us of your beauty concerns before our patient’s appointment. Our employees are also regularly tested, and are equipped with the Belo Genius Gear for everyone’s protection. We also have temperature checks, foot disinfection mats, and sanitizer stations. We practise social distancing regulations in our reception and waiting areas.

Each room in all our clinics has equipped with the Air Intellipure System to capture and electrocute 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. The Belo Prestige Book allows you to view our services via a QR Code. All our chairs and other furniture are wrapped in plastic and regularly rewrapped for safety. Acrylic barriers have been installed to protect our patients and staff. For added safety, procedures that could generate aerosols are accompanied by Plume Scavengers. Bed sheets and towels are always replaced. Treatment rooms are sanitized for 30 minutes between use. More contactless modes of payment are also now available.

What advice can you give to keep the spark and romance alive? 

What I realized during this pandemic is that it’s not the big things that really matter. Because you’re spending so much time together as a family, we can get on each other’s nerves with only the small things. Now, we really make it a point to treat each other with love and respect, and affirm each other all the time.

I’ve been giving relationship advice on my Instagram Stories, so kindly watch the video below for our reenactment.

Dr. Vicki Belo shows how to work out at home.

Dr. Vicki Belo does K-Pop dance exercises.

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