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Electrified!—How Lexus, Champion, Bembury come together

Milestone collaboration ushers in an era of electrification, intuitive technology, design on the popular Reverse Weave

Lexus x Salehe Bembury collection

Lexus x Salehe Bembury collection

Driven by a shared dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and creativity, luxury automaker Lexus and designer Salehe Bembury have just announced a collection of collaborative apparel printed on Champion silhouettes.

Lexus’ future-looking mobility innovation and Bembury’s signature nature-inspired design ethos come together for this capsule that challenges the status quo in the automotive space. In celebration of the next generation of Lexus and its commitment to electrification, the collaboration brings together two distinct, yet synergistic, design approaches that come to life on the blank canvas of Champion’s most popular Reverse Weave styles.

Lexus x Salehe Bembury collection

“This collaboration was a new type of challenge for me,” said Bembury. “It is both challenging and rewarding to explore design outside of footwear and allowed me to think outside of my usual realm of design.”

For this partnership, Bembury approached Lexus’ push towards the electrification of its vehicle lineup, while bringing in graphic elements derived from the overall partnership and the Lexus NX vehicle. The 2022 Lexus NX, which was designed and engineered with the future of luxury in mind, served as point of inspiration. The all-new vehicle ushers in a new era of electrification, intuitive technology, performance and design.

Lexus x Salehe Bembury collection

The Lexus x Salehe Bembury collection includes three unisex items: a hoodie, T-shirt, and hat. The designs themselves were created by merging recognizable elements of Bembury’s body of work, such as his logo and signature fingerprint, with graphic elements derived from the Lexus brand and its NX vehicle. As an emblem of a fresh and forward-thinking approach, the collaboration reimagines Lexus’ iconic logo, distilling Lexus’ human-centric design in an apparel collection.

Archway shapes on the front and back were used to tie together the design elements, symbolizing a pathway toward the future. Graphic accents on the back frame the word “electrified,” and were based on the Lexus NX’s taillights.

Lexus x Salehe Bembury collection

Lexus and Bembury identified Champion Reverse Weave as the best apparel silhouette for storytelling and took a deliberate approach to details that would amplify the collection’s narrative. For example, incorporation of reflective ink represents the idea of electrification and is used on both the T-shirt and hoodie. The fabric is dyed dark grey through a custom oil wash process, giving a unique look to the Champion apparel. Colors are drawn from the Lexus NX exterior options and the incorporation of a hand-finished, wash tag appliqué in both English and Japanese at the front hem ties together all of the brands working on the project. The focal point of the unstructured baseball cap is Salehe’s fingerprint logo wrapping the brim. In addition, embroidered Salehe, Lexus and Champion logos complete the piece, which is adjustable using a strap and metal buckle.

Lexus x Salehe Bembury collection

“This collaboration merges different design disciplines to create a modern collection rooted in heritage for fans across the three brands,” said Jon Ram, global president of Champion Athleticwear. “As a brand that continuously pushes the boundaries of creativity, Champion is excited to work with Bembury and Lexus to elevate the conversation around design, fashion and technology.”

The project is a continued partnership between Lexus and Bembury, who designed a rendering of the LZ-F Electrified concept interior as part of the Virtual Interiors Program in April 2021.

Lexus x Salehe Bembury collection

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