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Filipino fan art inspires BTS’ Park Jimin’s tattoo

He tells ARMYs the story of moon tattoos—and Filipino ARMYs are over the moon

Moon Lies by Arizzo Studios

Our beautiful Jimin went on Weverse Live last Sunday, September 18, to say “Hello” to ARMY, and he had a surprise for us! He told us that he first had one moon tattoo on his back, but Taehyung showed him some fan art that showed him (Jimin) four more phases of the moon.

BTS’ 95-liners thought the fan art was “so pretty” that Jimin said: “And I went ahead and did the tattoo like this.

“At first I just had one but now I have five moons up my back. That’s what happened. I want to show them to you all, but to show you is a bit… difficult. I don’t have a picture of it,” Jimin said during the live, as translated by @ryuminating.

The fan art was made by @ArizzoStudios (on Twitter)/ @arizzos on Instagram.

Reportedly, digital artist @ArizzoStudios is Filipino, and this got Filo-ARMYs over the moon!

@ArizzoStudios posted the artwork on Twitter on March 16, 2022, and on the artist’s page, it is titled “Moon Lies.”

The page shares the artist’s thought process in making “Moon Lies”: “’Can the moon truly live with each lie?’ was the question I had in the process of painting this piece. It aims to empower the untold tales of the moon as it waxes each turn.”

The artwork is for sale at affordable prices. @ArizzoStudios has also made several other stunning BTS artwork!

On Twitter, @ArizzoStudios is in awe of Jimin’s revelation, tweeting: “This is all new [to] me and im still [in] shock,” adding a crying emoji. “Sending everyone all my love and i’ll get back to you after my exams!” adding a purple heart at the end.

You’re a talented artist, @ArizzoStudios, and we’re so happy BTS love your work!

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