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For all fathers, bespoke experience at Lexus at Mitsukoshi BGC

From tailoring consultation to haircut, the treat makes this a special weekend

Already have an idea where to take your father on his special day this weekend?

There’s Lexus at Mitsukoshi BGC where fathers will be treated to a free bespoke experience on Father’s Day.

From June 17 to 18, all dads who visit the space can enjoy grooming and haircut services by The Spoiled Groom. They can also have tailoring consultation services by J. Recon Tailor who can custom-make a suit and give tips on how to choose the right color to complement their skin tone, or help them choose the best suit for a specific occasion. They can also sit back and relax and enjoy cocktails and drinks provided by Ralph’s as they get to see and experience the Lexus electrified models on display.

Lexus at Mitsukoshi is the home of Lexus Electrified vehicles. The space showcases the brand’s heritage, sensibilities, and design inspirations that symbolize the new Lexus DNA of craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology.

The space is as stylish as the brand, created in the easily recognizable “spindle grille” that has become a design icon for the Lexus brand. Intricately woven in Cebu, it has been crafted to transform into a Nest Box, using local materials such as capiz shells, rattan, natural wood, which are also found in the furniture, lighting fixtures, and décor of the space. The columns wrapped with natural, local wood holds up the focal point of the space.

To learn more, visit the Lexus website at or visit its social media pages on Facebook and Instagram @lexusphilippines

To arrange a consultation with your personal sales consultant, visit the Lexus Remote page at

You may also download the MyLEXUS App available on both Android and iOS users to receive live updates and access other premium services.

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