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French dancer-actress is face of Roger Vivier’s Spring Summer 2024 campaign

Amid the iconic buckles, the puffy Viv' Choc bag, Marion Barbeau is photographed against the elegance of the Château de Champlâtreux

Marion Barbeau is photographed against the elegance of Château de Champlâtreux.

With a naiveté and excitement of a young soul, Marion Barbeau seems to be wandering around in a chateau, looking for her place in the world. She is the face of Roger Vivier’s Spring Summer 2024 campaign, a first soloist at the Paris Opera, and an actress who embodies and reflects the daring essence, refined taste, and French sophistication of the maison.

Amid the elegance of the Château de Champlâtreux, the 18th-century castle designed by architect Jean-Michel Chevotet, just outside the Ville Lumière, she attempts to recognize and find herself.


The unusual, wide-angle perspectives and the veiled, almost blurry effect of the campaign shots provide a rebellious look into the typically French traits that Marion embodies. Looking at times bored, but more often amused, betraying a vague mischievous side, the ballerina daydreams and imagines the historical paintings coming to life. She loses herself in the greenery of the gardens all around the chateau and allows herself to be enchanted by the light filtering through the windows, or by the Baroque and Rococo decorations. In the contrast between day and night, she searches for herself, chasing her passions.

Wearing Gherardo Felloni’s unique creations with joie de vivre, and in the luminous aura of pastel shades, she experiences the same joy as when she watches the seasons change. Marion embodies all the charm and refinement of the Parisian woman.

The campaign shots enhance the details of the Spring Summer 2024 collection: the interlacing on the sweetheart necklines of ballerinas and pumps from the I Love Vivier line, the iconic squared buckles with shiny crystal details on the Flower Strass Jewel bags, the retro geometric lines of the Belle Vivier shoes, the lilac, yellow, green, and sky blue that recall clouds of candyfloss, are all characteristics of a style full of audacious refinement.

And then there are raffia, denim, and the metallic finishes of leather, the soft profiles and puffy design of the Viv’ Choc bag, the cut-out detail created by the thin strap of the Viv’ Canard—the reinterpretation of a shoe created by Monsieur Roger Vivier and re-imagined with the divertissement that identifies Gherardo Felloni’s style—or the glittering maximalism of necklaces, brooches, and dangling earrings: from shoes to bags, from jewellery to precious waistcoats and belts, nothing is missing in the Roger Vivier wardrobe.

First Soloist at the Paris Opera since 2018 and a film revelation—thanks to her starring role in Cédric Klapisch’s En Corps—Marion Barbeau is 32, but has been dancing since she was six. Born in 1991, she started learning ballet in a public school in Fontenay-sous-Bois, then studied at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris. In 2002, she joined the Dance School of the Opéra, and has been part of the corps de ballet since 2008.

After being nominated as most promising actress at the Lumière and César Awards, she was cast in several roles and has two films coming out in 2024: Simon Bouisson’s Drone and Baptiste Debraux’s Moi vivant, vous ne serez įamais mort. In Couture, as in Roger Vivier, she recognizes the emotional value, sophistication, and rigor of the titanic and meticulous work that she also sees in dance: Marion Barbeau is the face of the purest and most contemporary Parisian allure.

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