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Give your message to dad—in silk pocket squares

Homegrown brand uses Filipino culture, values and images

JIM Weaver Tsechu Pocket Square

What’s really special about Father’s Day is that for at least one day a year, dads collectively put their guard down, show their soft side, and bask in the affection usually showered on moms.

So this weekend, don’t hold back to say, Thank you, I love you, in style.

Homegrown brand JIM Weaver Designs has been using silk to make style statements featuring wearable, original Pinoy art since 2016.

The classic shirt is given a twist, with this pocket square of interesting graphic design.

Having a fond memory stitched on the fabric opens up a trove of memories, like the day you brought a puppy into your home—against your mom’s wish, before a tolerant dad.

JIM Weaver So Fetch Pocket Square

Go mix and match just for a day: Color- or pattern-coordinate and don’t forget to take photos (then print and frame for his birthday)!

JIM Weaver Go Get’em Tiger Scarf / Pocket Square

For dads young and old, Father’s Day is a wonderful time to look both back and forward—like to a trip or adventure.

JIM Weaver Tarsier No Evil Pocket Square

Let him know that all those years of reminding you to work hard, fend for yourself, and prioritize safety haven’t been for naught. Give Dad something both practical and meaningful; a token that tells him he’s taken such good care of you… and you’d be happy now and then, to take care of him too.

JIM Weaver Jungle JIM Reversible Fabric Mask

JIM Weaver pocket squares are made of 100% natural silk twill, with hand-rolled hems that make each piece unique. JIM Weaver collections are inspired by stories, people, trends, and culture, offering statement pieces that are a cut above the rest.

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