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‘Green’ brands I discovered for my immune system, safe home

From tea to home care and planters,
these products are good for the planet

For good sleep, Sekaya Botanic infusion

WITH the learnings from this global pandemic and the quarantine lifestyle as our new reality, “Going Green” seems to be the catchphrase for businesses to remain relevant. These days, more and more brands make sustainable, natural, and earth-friendly offerings a conscious priority.

I myself, like many of those working from home, continuously look to nature as a source of well-being and, in turn, try to make a greater effort to nurture Mother Earth. Here’s a rundown of some interesting “green-minded” products worth checking out.

Sekaya offers a wonderful range of 100 percent USDA organic botanic infusions that target health and wellness. Conveniently available in individual teabags, Sekaya’s botanical infusions are a synergetic blend of leaves, plant bark, roots, flowers, seeds, and fruits valued for their therapeutic properties. Easy to steep and sip, these infusions come in biodegradable, non-toxic pyramid teabags designed to allow the botanicals more room to float around and release their health-promoting photoactive ingredients.

From a subtly fruity Immune Brew to boost your body’s immunity, and an exotically spiced Gentle Detox that aids in daily detoxification, to the delicately minty Easy Nightcap which helps to relieve stress and ease you into sleep, you can drink your way to good health with Sekaya’s organic formulations.

The times call for a clean home that’s not only spic and span, but well-sanitized from “invisible enemies,” dreaded bacteria, and germs inadvertently brought into the house from outside.

New kid on the block Wonderhome Naturals is a proudly Filipino brand that recently unveiled its meticulously conceived line of plant-based home care products: from laundry, kitchen and bath, to personal care (including hand wash, hand sanitizer, and linen spray) and lifestyle. Think organic cleaners for your work table, desktop, devices, and, yes, even for your yoga mat!

Imagine cleaning materials with a probiotic layer, primarily from Philippine coconuts, that is lab-tested to be effective, safe, and non-toxic to both your health and the environment

A key element of their products is a probiotic layer, primarily from Philippine coconuts, that is lab-tested to be effective, safe, and non-toxic to both your health and the environment. But make no mistake, Wonderhome Naturals’ gentle biodegradable formulation is strong where it counts, “killing 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses, and germs, and keeping surfaces clean for up to 72 hours,” says brand co-founder Bryan Chua.

The commitment to sustainability is carried through in its earth-friendly packaging and shipping practices. Bottles are made of upcycled ocean-harvested waste and biodegradable wheat, while modular packaging allows their bottles to fit snugly into shipping boxes, hence eliminating the need for plastic fillers. As incentive, customers are given store credits towards future purchases of Wonderhome Naturals’ products whenever they send bottles back for refilling or recycling.

Qach is a green lifestyle store specializing in lightweight planters sustainably made in the Netherlands, along with tropical plants nurtured in their private nursery in Laguna.

This bright garden and lifestyle store showcases earth-friendly brands like Capi-Europe (whose made-in-Holland products are 100 percent recyclable, ultra-lightweight, and UV and fracture-resistant) and Elho (a creative line of indoor and outdoor planters made of 100 percent recycled plastic, produced in a fully wind-powered factory).

With branches at The 30th, Alabang Town Center, and Manila Bay, Qach aims to help dwellers across the metro reconnect with nature, and discover how easy it is to create green spaces indoors, even just a pot at a time.

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