Have the real Korean chicken experience at Solaire

Kkanbu Chicken opens first restaurant outside of Korea—with specialties Rotisserie and Crispy

Bbasak curry chicken

The crunch!

Who can miss out that sound and that look of ultimate satisfaction? Not if you’re a fan of K-pop or K-drama. And in this era, who isn’t?

Suddenly, the world is into Korean chicken—its crunch, its meatiness, its flavor, all of which goes with beer and soju, and for Filipinos, with rice. (By the way that’s also how the world has discovered Korean beer and soju.)

Korean chicken has become a global feel-good food. After all, you watch it being gobbled up when the hero or heroine is nursing a broken heart, or when he or she wants to fight depression or low moments.

Now the real Korean chicken is at Kkanbu at Solaire Resort Entertainment City—in 10 variants, from spicy sweet to curry to rotisserie, good old fried and crunchy.

Kkanbu Chicken, renowned for its chicken dishes in Korea, has opened its first franchise outlet outside of Korea, right at The Shoppes at Solaire Resort Entertainment City in Paranaque City.

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KKANBU Fried chicken

“Kkanbu” is derived from the old Korean tradition of children forming small teams to play games. Founder and CEO, Kim Seung-Il, chose this word to signify the restaurant’s goal of providing delicious food and a comfortable space for friends to gather and create lasting memories.

Its brand identity renewed in January 2022, Kkanbu Chicken highlights the essential elements of a relaxing space, camaraderie, and cherished memories. The symbol mark, resembling a rewind button, symbolizes the retrieval of memories and the creation of new ones with loved ones.

K-drama has turned Korean fried chicken into a global feel-good food.

Kkanbu Chicken was established in 2006 in Sungbok, Suji, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. It started as a neighborhood “delicious chicken place,” and gained popularity with its signature dishes, Rotisserie Chicken and the irresistibly crispy and juicy Crispy Chicken.

In 2008, the brand began franchising its business, and has since grown to more than 170 locations all over Korea.


K-pop idols led by the global icon BTS have put Korean fried chicken into mainstream global cuisine. 

For more information, visit or call hotline 02-8888-8805 for an indulgent chicken and beer experience.

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