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I bike, I see my Manila in lockdown

Everyone is trying to survive in different ways

Christmas comes to Dapitan

Biking gives you a new eye to look at things. It takes you to a reality on the street level. It makes you a witness to what’s going on around you that could change your perspective in life.

Jones Bridge lit up for the night

The imposition of lockdown measures due to COVID19 may have limited people’s movement and activities, yet biking could relieve all the constraints of long home confinement.
At your own pace, you can choose either to take the narrow alleys or the main roads to get around the city and see how people react and cope with the new situation.
Since the lockdown, I’ve biked on the streets of Binondo, Quiapo and Sampaloc. I’ve endured but managed to cross a number of bridges over the Pasig river to reach Malate, Pasay City, and Manila Bay area. I’ve taken the bike lanes of Ayala Ave. and BGC, where roads, parks and restaurants were quiet and almost empty. Going to UP,   I’ve passed the challenging Quezon Ave. and Commonwealth Ave. on an early morning ride.

Biking gives you a glimpse of the Filipino life in lockdown and lets you see how everyone has been trying to survive in different ways.

Some people find it strange to see me doing things alone. Traveling alone. Watching movies alone. And recently, biking alone. My aloneness gives me strength. My solitude empowers my soul.

Pandemic may have brought me down. It may have tortured and broken my mental state. It may have pushed me to the brink and defeated my spirit. But it has also made me realize that there are still people who care about me. Who will lift me up. Who will say,”Laban lang! Kapit lang.” Who will ask how I am. Who will offer a helping hand and pick me up. And now I know, I am not alone. I am alone but I’m not alone.

Now all I could do is just  go around and never look back. As they say,  in life, just like in biking, to maintain your balance you have to keep moving.

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He gives young stars tutorials in Filipino, plays tennis, climbs the mountains of Sagada, and now braves the streets of Metro Manila on a bike.

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