Korean actor Jung Kyung-ho of
‘Hospital Playlist’ to Filipinos:
‘Kaya natin ‘to!’

He pays tribute to the frontliners

Korean actor Jung Kyung-ho
Korean actor Jung Kyung-ho

As Filipinos found comfort in K-Drama during this pandemic, one actor took the extra mile to partner with Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines to send some message of upliftment.

Korean actor Jung Kyung-ho, who played the role of Kim Jun-wan in the celebrated, lighthearted drama Hospital Playlist paid tribute to the Filipino frontliners.

“First of all, I really appreciate all of your support for Hospital Playlist. It’s so nice to greet and meet you all,” he said.

The actor, who sent a message of healing as part of KCC’s K-Healing: Overcome Together Mini Concert, reached out to those who are making sacrifices for the health and safety of the Filipino community.

“I heard that the medical staff and the other frontliners in the Philippines are also suffering a lot from the pandemic. Although this is a short message, I sincerely hope that this will give you the courage and comfort [that you need],” he added.

In the end, he offered an assurance to the Filipinos that the pandemic will soon be over.

“We are going through hard times together. I, together with the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines, will cheer for your bright future! Kaya natin ito!” he said.

Watch his message at the K-Healing Mini Concert video at the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines‘  YouTube Channel :

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