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Never too late to work on your bone health

Strong bones, joints, and muscles, energy, and flexibility are the ‘five stars’

Olympian Marestella Sunang attributes her physical flexibility to Anlene, which she has been drinking for years now.

The biggest storage of calcium in the body is in your bones and teeth. Bones contain over 99 percent of all calcium in the body. In your youth, this may have been the farthest thing from your mind, but as you get older, calcium and your bone health become intertwined and take on new importance.

Inevitably, calcium concentration in the body declines, resulting in bones that slowly lose density, becoming porous and vulnerable to fractures, leading to a condition often likened to a silent thief: osteoporosis.

Bones are living organs with  cells and  body fluids. Constantly growing and renewing, they need sustenance. Calcium is the essential building block for this sustenance. However, with today’s modern conveniences and diets, one gets lazy and misses out on weight-bearing exercises and on taking key vitamins and minerals responsible for efficient calcium absorption.

The most important time for building strong bones is during childhood and adolescence. Eating a balanced diet, including plenty of calcium and vitamin D, and getting plenty of physical activity early in life contribute to the formation of strong, healthy bones. The stronger bones start out, the lower the risk of low bone mass and osteoporosis later on. If one didn’t get enough of this in youth,  though, there are still steps to take to maintain healthy bone mass as one gets older.

In August of 2020, Anlene, the acknowledged bone expert for 30 years and one of the pioneers in adult milk the Philippines, conducted a movement survey with the aim of understanding how Filipinos’ physical activity has changed over the years, specifically since the start of the Covid pandemic. The study revealed that physical activity decreased dramatically, leaving a large percentage of respondents with back, muscle, and joint pains, and feeling more tired and lethargic.

The study also confirmed that the pandemic resulted in a more sedentary lifestyle, causing many to feel physically and mentally drained.

‘The lack of physical activity is one of the leading risk factors for non-communicable diseases and increased mortality’

“The lack of physical activity is one of the leading risk factors for non-communicable diseases and increased mortality,” explained Anlene marketing manager Roberta Mundo. “It may also make us more susceptible to getting sick, which everybody is very conscious about nowadays. We wanted to share this to educate Filipinos on how important movement and proper nutrition are for overall health and well-being and to preserve quality of life at any age.”

In virtual discussion of movement study in the pandemic, top, from left, Fonterra marketing director Jasmin Magsajo, Anlene marketing manager Roberta S. Mundo, and nutritionist Jo Ann Salamat. Bottom, from left,  Olympian Marestella Sunang, host Gelli Victor, and fitness instructor Marilen Concepcion

To support the survey, nutritionist Jo Ann Verdadero-Salamat explained the importance of proper nutrition along with regular movement. “Our bodies were created to move, and this is why nutrition is important, because proper nutrition allows us to move freely, without pain or limitations. In order to enable our bodies to function well, we need all the essential nutrients, including macro and micronutrients.

“Milk plays an important part of our diet. We tend to think that milk is just for kids, but that is wrong. In fact, even in adulthood, our bones still grow in density, and this is why milk is still necessary. It is important to choose milk that is high in calcium because it is the major nutrient that strengthens our bones.”  she continued.

While calcium is present in other types of food and also in supplements in the form of tablets, drinking milk is the best option.  “Milk is considered a complete food,” said Verdadero-Salamat. “It nourishes you and provides the nutrients your body needs. While you can also consume calcium in the form of tablets, the way our body metabolizes them will not be as efficient as compared to food. When it comes to calcium, milk  has the highest bioavailability as compared to other types of food. For example, the estimated calcium absorbed from a glass of milk is 96 percent, compared to only 21 percent in a serving of broccoli, which is also a good source of calcium.”

According to Verdadero-Salamat, Anlene has been known as the ideal milk drink for adults because of its high protein and calcium content.  “It does not only support the bones, but also the muscles and joints. All three affect each other. In order for them to work efficiently together, we need the right nutrition.”

In 2021, Anlene  held a virtual product launch of Anlene Gold 5 X.  A movement session demo was conducted by Marilen Concepcion, a certified Stott Pilates/Red Cord Suspension instructor, followed by a talk on Anlene’s impact on bone health by the oldest Philippine long jump Olympian and SEA Gold medalist, 40-year-old Marrestela Sunang. An Anlene drinker since 1998, she shared stories about her own  fitness journey and quality of her life.

The new Anlene Gold 5X offers expert adult nutrition for strong bones, joints, and muscles with added benefits foron energy and flexibility to keep you moving as you age. It still provides 100 percent of daily calcium needs in two glasses, is high in protein with 9 g per serving, has collagen, vitamin C, and the complete set of B vitamins.

It also has a new breakthrough ingredient, MFGM Activ, which has been proven to help improve the physical performance of bones, joints, and muscles when coupled with exercise. This innovative formulation has been tested and shown to increase muscle mass by 40 percent and double the bone mineral content and flexibility, making it the perfect beverage to help support bone, muscle, and joint health and recovery. In effect, Anlene 5X addresses five things aligned with its benefits: bone, joints, muscles, energy, and flexibility.

Join Anlene’s advocacy of everyday movement partnered with proper nutrition for healthy and graceful ageing.

Credit: Anlene Philippines/YouTube

For more information on Anlene, visit its Kilos Tayo Playlist on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6UwfGZYlgYP7swz5PWbgkg and official website https://www.anlene.com/ph/en.html.   

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