Park Seo Joon is shy talking about his best body part

His Filipino fans, seeing him again after four years, suggest he visit Siargao

Park Seo Joon
Park Seo Joon (Photos by Tinkerbell Poblete)

IAM Worldwide member and non-member attendees celebrated their anniversary show last Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023 through a PhP2 million  raffle draw for its members, and P100,000 for non-members. But for Filipino Jeomjus like me, seeing Park Seo Joon standing before us after four years was worth more than a million pesos. Like in his charismatic grand entrance in the drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, his tall silhouette emerged onstage amid pyro effects, and he greeted the crowd with a dashing smile.

The pre-selected fans who participated in the games definitely won bigtime. They got a group photo op, signed tote bags, t-shirts designed by Park Seo Joon himself, as well as free hugs and handshakes with him.

A segment similar to a balance game was played, where the survey answered by his fans about his preferences was flashed on screen, and host Sam Oh checked with Park Seo Joon whether or not the answers matched his.

Majority of the fans voted Siargao as the place they would take him in the country. As someone who loves water sports or going on a cruise with his Wooga Squad, Park Seo Joon would surely enjoy the “surfing capital of the Philippines.” He has also mentioned in his vlog Record Park that he has been to Boracay.

This could be why the fans presumed that his favorite season would be summer. In fact, the actor prefers winter because he says he doesn’t do well in the heat, and also, he was born in December.

Asked what Filipino dish Park Seo Joon should try in Manila, majority of the fans recommended Chicken Adobo. In the previous game Never Have I Ever, he said that he had never skipped a meal, even during an intense diet. Instead, he stays fit by regularly going to the gym three to four times a week, and having IAM supplements on the side. Gaining weight is certainly not a problem for him as seen in one episode of his vlog where he was going around Makati looking for ice cream.

His time onstage was limited, but it could not end without the highlight of every fan meet in Manila—the video messages from his fans. Park Seo Joon sent hearts to each side of the stage, and promised to come back soon.

While fans anticipate his return to the Philippines, they can see a new side to him—as Prince Yan in the film The Marvels, showing in cinemas nationwide on November 8.

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