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PascualLab marks 75th year
—on the same core family value

Chemist couple founded it after World War II
to help Filipinos battling war-related diseases

PascualLab founders Leonora and Isosceles Pascual (All photos from PascualLab)

Seventy-five years ago, right after World War II, chemists Isosceles and Leonora Pascual started a small laboratory in their home in Tondo where they developed medicines for war-related diseases. Today Pascual Laboratories, Inc. (PascualLab) is celebrating those 75 years as a highly trusted pharmaceutical brand in the Philippines that continues the value of family care the Pascual couple started with. Its campaign “PascualLove: Care begins with family” embodies its commitment to make health easier for the Filipino family.

Among its well-loved brands are Poten-Cee Vitamin C, Vitex negundo L. Lagundi Leaf (ASCOF), C-Lium Fibre, and OraCare Mouthrinse. It has attained its ISO:9001:2015 certification for its adherence to the highest international quality standards in its continuous
process improvements.

PascualLab was founded after World War II in May 1946 by Isosceles Pascual and his wife Leonora, both chemists from the University of the Philippines who wanted to help their fellowmen by helping address post-war diseases. Their early operations were confined to a single-room laboratory in their home in Balut, Tondo.

PascualLab first formulated and manufactured  medicines for war-related diseases such as tuberculosis and vitamin deficiency. One of the very first products they had was called CALDA which contained calcium, vitamins D and A.

From its single proprietorship to the day it was incorporated, PascualLab was led by Isosceles S. Pascual as chairman of the board and CEO and Leonora Pascual as president.  The couple also worked as the company’s first salesman and marketer, respectively.

PascualLab progressed into the new millennium as the country’s leading pharmaceutical firm led by the second-generation Pascual family, with Dr. Abraham F. Pascual as chairman who had the vision to introduce pioneering and innovative products, to keep time-tested formulas and manufacturing expertise to produce family-friendly healthcare solutions.

PascualLab manufacturing plant in Balagtas, Bulacan

Today, under the third generation led by Jose Augusto Pascual, it remains a top-of-mind brand for health products and manufacturing services.

In a country with a huge disparity between income classes and with a fluctuating economy, health becomes a hard pursuit. A healthcare company must provide not only basic products but also empathize with the values and goals of the Filipino family.  This is the core family value that continues to the third generation of the founders.

Poten-Cee, the company’s homegrown Vitamin C brand introduced over 40 years ago, has evolved into a multi-variant brand that caters not just to various age groups but also to differences in consumers’ Vitamin C needs.  Ascof Lagundi is the no. 1 Lagundi cough formulation on the market, aside from being the pioneer natural cough remedy, at a time when synthetic cough preparations dominated the market.

This year, PascualLab is launching more variants for its flagship products and new brands.

And as part of the company’s 75th anniversary celebration, PascualLab brands are offering special discounts in major outlets nationwide, and via its official flagship stores online.

Under its corporate social responsibility program SEED (Sowing to Empower, Educate and Develop), PascualLab and over 140 employees recently joined hands with international charitable institution World Vision to sponsor in Malabon about 75 children, a number symbolic of PascualLab’s years in the industry.

It also worked with renowned health guru and philanthropist Dr. Willie Ong to reach out to more Filipinos by making vitamins and other healthy products more available to underprivileged communities.

It has actively sought out frontliners battling this COVID-19 pandemic and families that have been affected by calamities in recent years to provide immunity boosters and other health and wellness products.

It is also doing a series of online concerts to create a more celebratory anniversary feel and to thank its partners and consumers.  The concert series started off with KilaboTitos aka OPM King Ogie Alcasid and MuscIAN Ian Veneracion on March 26 via This will be followed by a collaborative digital concert between PascualLab and no. 1 YouTube FM Station Wish 107.5, PascualLove: From our Family to Yours featuring the iconic Rivermaya and the fast-rising Music Hero on April 30.

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