Peking Duck, new dim sum menu: Why Mott 32 is worth the stop in Cebu

World-renowned restaurant brings its spring summer menu with interesting innovations

Mott 32 Cebu
Applewood Roasted Peking Duck
Mott 32 Cebu

Private dining room

Mott 32 Cebu

Garlic Crab, Deep Fried Mantou

Mott 32 Cebu

Mott 32 Cebu

Mott 32 Cebu

Private Dining Room

Creating a buzz in the local food scene is Mott 32 Cebu where TheDiarist.ph was treated recently to unforgettable feasts that masterfully combined gastronomy with innovative cocktails amid swanky interiors.

The award-winning contemporary Chinese restaurant, now with eight locations around the world, including Hong Kong (where a one-month waitlist is par for the course), Las Vegas and Bangkok, first opened in the Philippines in 2022 at the NuStar Resort and Casino.

“Why Cebu?,” we asked Xuan Mu, co-founder and managing director of Maximal Concepts (the global F&B group behind Mott 32 and some of Hong Kong’s most iconic restaurants). “In F&B, it comes down to timing and the opportunity to work with partners that we align with,” he said. “The sincerity and enthusiasm of our partners in Cebu is the main reason we expanded there. Their desire to transform Kawit Point into a world-class integrated resort really resonated with us, making it an easy opportunity to accept.”

With Group Executive Chef Lee Man Sing in town for the occasion, Mott 32 Cebu presented its new Spring Summer Menu, one of 2 seasonal menus a year using seasonal ingredients that offer health benefits, as well as a new Dim Sum menu now available  lunchtime from Thursdays to Sundays.

Mott 32 Cebu

Mort 32 Group Chinese Executive Chef Lee Man Sing

Welcoming guests at the official launch was the amiable and very hands-on NuStar GM Paolo Campillo, who brings almost three decades of experience in the industry, with 18 of those years spent in prestigious properties across Southeast Asia. Before we sat down to lunch, trays of their signature cocktails were passed around, the better to whet your appetite and cool down in the sizzling summer heat. With mixology as key element of their award-winning formula, a dining experience at Mott 32 is not complete without sipping one or more of these dreamy concoctions. Have a go at the Forbidden Rose, a heady blend of vanilla infused Macchu Pisco, passionfruit, lychee, chili and lemon or the exotic Hanami, shades of a classic whiskey sour but infused with yuzu, shiso, and chrysanthemum for an intriguing Asian twist.

Mott 32 Cebu

NuStar GM Paolo Campillo

Mott 32 Cebu

Main dining area

Mott 32 Cebu

The author and Raul Manzano enjoying cocktails at the swanky Mott 32 bar

Mott 32 Cebu

Mott 32 at cocktail hour with Pepper Teehankee, the author, Raul Manzano, GM Paolo Campillo, Susan Joven, Dinah Ventura and Paolo de la Cruz

Mott 32 Cebu

GM Paolo Campillo, the author, Honey Loop Jarque, Pepper Teehankee and Dinah Ventura at the Mott 32 Spring Summer Menu launch

Suitably fueled up for the culinary journey ahead, we were ushered to our elegantly set table which carried that signature Mott 32 vibe: contemporary luxe with touches of Oriental glam but, here, punctuated with an unexpected view of the sea and the Cebu City skyline beyond.

Recognized for its unique approach to regional Chinese cuisine, Mott 32 celebrates authentic Cantonese flavors with influences from Szechuan and Beijing. Here, time-honored recipes are prepared using progressive cooking techniques and the finest ingredients. Smartly-attired waitstaff served up an impressive array of dim sum selections, from steamed to baked, to fried. Among my favorites were the succulent Ibérico Pork Black Truffle Siu Mai, with a tender soft boiled quail egg that pops inside as you take a bite; the mouthwatering Prawn Cheung Fun with Crispy Rice Paper and Asparagus, a wonderful play of layered textures and flavors; and the delectable Hot and Sour Shanghainese Soup Dumplings with Scallop and Prawn, each like a golden amuse bouche, individually presented on a delicate miniature basket. Talk about elevating the hearty xiao long bao to a whole new level!

Pairing nicely with the dim sum was Mott 32’s signature Duck Salad. In a charming nod to the seaside setting, our very own Philippine mango has been added in to the recipe, exclusive to Mott 32 Cebu. “We love the freshness and lightness it brings to the dish, said Xuan Mu making reference to “the Philippine national fruit.”

Also providing a perfect counterpoint to the bite-size dim sum was the Crab and Roe Fried Rice. Generously sprinkled with shredded crab and Flying Fish roe, this sumptuous take on traditional stir-fried rice is worth every carbo-loaded spoonful.

Fulfilling every Mott 32 lover’s dream, a second indulgent feast was whipped up at dinner. Foodies will be pleased to discover that apart from the seasonal Spring & Summer menu, a complete line-up of the restaurant’s most celebrated dishes worldwide awaits in Cebu: Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck, Barbecue Ibérico Pork with Mountain Honey, Triple Cooked Wagyu Beef Short Rib, Lobster Ma Po Tofu, and the list goes on!

As if all that weren’t enough, there’s more to come at Mott 32 Cebu. “We are constantly developing new dishes, and we have quite a few surprises lined up that we look forward to introducing to you in the upcoming months,” shares Xuan Mu, adding, “We work all year round to create these menus and put a lot of passion into their creation.”

Planning your next weekend getaway to the Queen City of the South? Remember to book a table at Mott 32 and pre-order the world-famous Peking Duck which requires 48 hours of preparation in a custom oven and air-drying duck fridge. The table side ritual alone, from an expert carving the duck as the piping hot steam rises with its fragrant aroma, and meticulous presentation of its accompaniments (paper thin pancakes, raw cane sugar, crunchy cucumber, ginger, scallion, and house-made hoisin sauce swirled with a dash of sesame and peanut) prepared in the distinctive Mott 32 style, is worth the wait. 

For inquiries and reservations, email [email protected].ph

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