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Ricky Ambagan: Confronting your personal baggage

Salcedo Private View presents its end-of-year exhibit ‘From Here’

RICKY AMBAGAN, ‘Kept’, 2021, Oil on canvas

RICKY AMBAGAN, ‘Bucket List’, 2021, Oil on canvas

Known for his storytelling as he paints narratives that appeal to his viewers’ collective memory, Ricky Ambagan is holding a solo exhibition at Salcedo Private View, the gallery and private sale subsidiary of premier auction house Salcedo Auctions. It is titled From Here and runs through December 18, 2021.

This is the second solo exhibition by the multi-awardee artist at Salcedo Private View, coming in the wake of his sold-out solo exhibit I’m Coming Home, also at Salcedo.

Ambagan is known for carefully composed stories, his works not subscribing to any pattern, instead preferring to deconstruct images from various sources. Lately he assumes the role of a cinematographer in the way that he presents his subjects, intentionally breaking the rules of perception and perspective.

RICKY AMBAGAN, ‘Roadmap’, 2021, Oil on canvas

RICKY AMBAGAN, ‘Beyond Borders’, 2021, Oil on canvas

Theatricality on canvas is his central aesthetic, showing his moments of delight.

Ambagan creates this current edition of visual narratives encased in the artist’s iconic and embellished, luggage-shaped frames. The show has 10 rectangular canvas works depicting charmingly detailed scenes that make viewers feel as if they’re looking at snapshots from a familiar dream. Artifacts and mementoes from the artist’s childhood are painted onto the canvas, the level of detail in each piece as intentional as they are striking.

RICKY AMBAGAN, ‘The Saga Continues’, 2021, Oil on canvas

RICKY AMBAGAN, ‘Wooden Plane’, 2021, Oil on canvas

Ambagan celebrates the drama of these experiences, with charm and whimsy, his canvases serving as critical iconographies from diverse milieus. An avid reader, Ambagan takes off not only from his recollections but also from the books, podcasts, and films that he consumes.

Ambagan’s choice of displaying his artworks within maleta (luggage) frames gives a new, positive meaning to the notion of carrying a “personal baggage.” He dares his viewers to ask themselves what their own personal baggage could be after confronting them with visualizations of his own experiences. This way he draws out powerful emotions and sparks conversations with viewers.

RICKY AMBAGAN, ‘Lost in Paradise’, 2021, Oil on canvas

RICKY AMBAGAN, ‘Huling El Bimbo’, 2021, Oil on canvas

From Here by Ricky Ambagan is presented by Salcedo Private View, with HSBC Premier. For inquiries, email [email protected] or phone +632 8 8230956 | +63 9171075581. Follow @salcedoauctions on Instagram and Facebook for more updates. 

RICKY AMBAGAN, ‘We all live in a yellow submarine’, 2021, Oil on canvas

RICKY AMBAGAN, ‘Old Friends’, 2021, Oil on canvas

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