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Rico Hizon—the happy face of news—now JINS’ brand ambassador

Cutting-edge Japanese eyewear opens Mall of Asia store on its 5th year in PH

Rico Hizon is JINS' brand ambassador

At JINS SM Mall of Asia opening: from left, Virgilio Lim, president, Suyen Corp.; Bryan Lim, VP for Business Development, Suyen Corp.; Katsumi Kubota, JINS US president and head of PH Business; Rico Hizon; Nenita Lim, VP for Finance, Suyen Corp.; Ben Chan, chairman and CEO, Suyen Corp.; Hiroyuki Maezono, JINS director of PH Business


Doraemon collection in the new JINS store at SM Mall of Asia

It came as a big surprise last Monday June 19 when leading broadcast journalist Rico Hizon strode into the middle of the room, mic in hand, to acknowledge the honor given him as brand ambassador of JINS Philippines—the first ever for the brand. Hizon was his usual amiable bubbly self, conversant, his candor enhanced by charm—in short, the happy face of news (even if the news itself isn’t happy).


JINS SM Mall of Asia

But, come to think of it, we don’t ever remember seeing that happy face—without glasses, not on camera, not off camera. He’s always been with glasses on.

“I’ve been wearing glasses since grade four,” Hizon told the social gathering marking the opening of JINS SM Mall of Asia, and spoke of how he’s always seen the world through a pair of lenses. And in his career the spectacles “magnify” the news—a rather ingenuous way of putting it.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the JINS family, and I am immensely grateful for the support and trust from both JINS and Suyen Corporation,” said Hizon.

Hizon’s stellar career here (CNN) and abroad (BBC) has showcased his values as a professional and as a progressive Filipino, making him a perfect-fit choice as the face of the brand.

The event also launched the highly anticipated Doraemon Collection, which draws inspiration from the beloved Japanese anime character, Doraemon, aiming to transport every wearer back to the bygone days when life was simpler.

The Doraemon Collection resonates with fans and fashion enthusiasts with its fusion of timeless style, cutting-edge technology, and playful design elements, ensuring individuality and confidence.

Apart from the Suyen Corp. heads led by Ben Chan, Virgilio and Nenita Lim, and Bryan Lim, the event was attended by JINS executives —Katsumi Kubota, JINS US president and head of Philippine Business, and Hiroyuki Maezono, JINS director of Philippine Business. They spoke of the inroads the brand has made in sustainability and consideration for the environment.


Ben Chan and Katsumi Kubota


Steven Tan (2nd from right), president, SM Supermalls; Rico Hizon (2nd from left); Hiroyuki Maezono; Katsumi Kubota

The firm’s website report says: “To this end, we are working on various missions. For example, the challenge of recyclable eyewear production to reduce environmental burdens. Coexistence with local communities and regional development, and support for children. Research on light to protect the health of the eyes and its awareness-raising activities. Manufacture of sensing devices that care not only for vision but also for body posture and mental health. And the development of medical devices that correct myopia as well as proactively prevent it.”

The brand is also known for computer glasses. “JINS screen glasses were developed for those disturbed by blue light. Their frames were designed in collaboration with product designer Jasper Morrison. Now, more than ever, people work with digital devices, so we have created designs that look great on everyone, producing a new, superb ‘norm.’”

During the event, guests tried out the collection in the minimalist modern store. There were media, celebrities, prominent medical practitioners, even avid gamers, and lifestyle and fashion content creators. JINS Philippines highlighted the significance of its accomplishments over the past five years and its growing influence in the eyewear industry.

It’s true to its brand statement: “Our vision at JINS is to encourage people to change the way they view the world—to enrich their lives and unlock
new experiences. That’s why we look for the unseen, create new standards, and think beyond glasses— to magnify life.”

Teejay Marquez

Shaira Diaz

JINS Philippines’ branches: JINS Aura, JINS Makati, JINS Megamall, JINS Robinsons Manila, JINS SM North EDSA, JINS Trinoma, and JINS SM Mall of Asia. For more information about JINS Philippines and its latest offerings, please follow @jins_philippines on Instagram and JINS Philippines on Facebook.

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