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Savor wholesome bowls at HeyBo

Introducing a new hub for tasteful choices, featuring international and local flavors

Shibuya Nights (Php 375): Embark on an Asian-inspired journey with green soba, baked salmon, grilled mushrooms, and a soft-boiled egg. Oriental cabbage salad and furikake come alive with the pairing of Avocado Edamame Dip & Beetroot Miso.

HeyBo in Central Square BGC

SaladStop!, together with its licensee, SSI Group, Inc., has opened the first international and flagship outlet of HeyBo in Central Square BGC.

SaladStop!, the first and largest healthy food chain in Asia, was established in 2009 in Singapore as a family business. The group has grown exponentially in Asia, setting up key markets outside of Singapore. “We saw that more people were looking for healthier food,” said Adrien Desbaillets, chief executive officer and co-founder of SaladStop! “Similarly, our family loved good food but we also valued what kind of food we eat and how it impacts the environment around us. We then knew we were on to something. We just kept on going, being bullish on providing nutritious food that is both convenient and accessible to everyone.”

Specialty Food Retailers, Inc. AVP for Business Development & Operations MJ Tantoco, SSI Group, Inc. president Anton Huang, Specialty Food Retailers, Inc. general manager Joan Aquino, and SaladStop! Group chief executive officer Adrien Desbaillets

SaladStop! continues to challenge the fast food industry with its nutritious offerings, with over 70 outlets and a presence in seven markets across Asia Pacific. “We wanted to go deep into the markets and be able to cater to the varying demands for healthy food—by offering affordable pricing, incorporating more flavorful profiles, and providing increased accessibility to more people. Thus, HeyBo was born,” added Adrien.

A portmanteau of “hey,” a greeting of friendship, and a truncation of “bowl,” HeyBo offers warm grain bowls with a focus on the use of local flavors. Using and highlighting wholesome ingredients from all over the world, every bowl is a celebration of tastes and textures familiar to every culture and cooked to bring out the unique bold flavors hidden within. “It has been a mission of the SSI Group to provide complete lifestyle offerings to inspire, enhance, and cater to the increasing awareness and mindful eating behavior of Filipino consumers,” said Anthony Huang, SSI Group, Inc. president. “We are excited to be partnering with SaladStop! in introducing HeyBo to local customers. We believe that with the entry of HeyBo, we are able to create more opportunities for our diners to eat better while enjoying layers of flavor and without breaking the bank,”

Welcomed by cheery greetings from its friendly staff and the savory smells wafting from its open kitchen, each HeyBo customer will be reminded of a soothing and filling meal at home. A nod to the collective and diverse customs and traditions of Asian culture, warm interiors feature a blend of terracotta, wood and weaves, ceramics and marbling. Communal dining tables and booth seating are laid out across the cozy space, inviting diners to enjoy a warm meal and delightful conversations. Central to the restaurant is a vivid splash of color from the wall artwork produced in partnership with Boysen, the country’s number one paint manufacturer. Recognized as the Sustainable Company of the Year by the Global Responsible Business Leadership Awards in 2018, Boysen, together with Bando Arts, a collective of talented Filipino muralists under Boysen, brought to life HeyBo’s mission of celebrating tastes and textures familiar to every culture.

HeyBo promises to deliver a delicious introduction to vibrant and bold flavor profiles and fun textures. Dive into an array of grain bowls match-made with slow-cooked sauces and dips, as well as baos, tasty sidekicks, desserts, and beverages, each meticulously crafted to take your taste buds on an adventure.

Experience a culinary voyage through the Signature Bos:

Kampong Table is a rich flavored bowl of mixed grains, succulent roasted lemongrass chicken, crispy tempeh, soft-boiled egg, oriental cabbage salad, lime wedge, served with white bean and cauliflower dip and green chutney.

Kampong Table, P280)

Muscle Beach is composed of tri-color quinoa, sous-vide chicken breast, charred carrots, broccoli, creamy avocado, and mixed seeds, with beetroot chipotle dip and yuzu soy.


Muscle Beach, P280

Shibuya Nights is an Asian-inspired bowl with green soba, baked salmon, grilled mushrooms, soft-boiled egg, oriental cabbage salad, and furikake, with avocado edamame dip and beetroot miso.

Sunday Roast is a hearty mix of tri-color quinoa, char-grilled steak, roasted pumpkin wedge, charred corn, tomato salad, and garlic breadcrumbs, with beetroot chipotle dip and balsamic butter.


Sunday Roast, P375

Looking for meat-free bowls? HeyBo has two flavorful vegetarian creations:

El Patron combines mixed grains, vegan Mexican patty, sautéed capsicum, spiced black beans, a tomato salad, and tortilla chips, with avocado edamame dip and smoky sriracha.


El Patron, P280)

Spice Trade is a savory mix of cauliflower lentil rice falafels, spiced chickpeas, fried eggplant, carrot salad, and Murukku chips, with red pepper dip and tzatziki.


Spice Trade, P350

HeyBo introduces flavors unique to the country, carefully curated to satisfy local cravings.

Humba Wamba has garlic black rice, braised pork humba, charred corn, fried eggplant, winged bean salad, and spiced peanuts, with white bean and cauliflower dip and pineapple tamarind.


Humba Wamba, P350

Off The Hook is a harmony of garlic black rice, halibut adobo, Thai basil tofu, charred corn, and coconut lime spice, with red pepper dip and moringa vinaigrette


Off The Hook, P450

Quench your thirst with HeyBo’s healthy soda alternative: kombucha. In partnership with Happy Brew Kombucha, savor the refreshing flavors of Midnight Lychee, Coconut Summer, and Pineapple Express. Other refreshing beverages include Calamansi and Raspberry Sodas. Wrap up the delicious meal with a sweet treat featuring HeyBo’s 100 percent vegan Ice Cream menu, crafted in partnership with Alt Scoops. Dairy and soy-free, get your fill of the surprisingly indulgent yet light flavors of Merry Berry, Caramel Crunch, or HappyStachio.

Sourced from sustainable food farms, HeyBo also offers its customers other ways to enjoy its fresh ingredients by crafting a personalized bowl, Build Your Bo!, by selecting from an extensive list of bases, proteins, garnishes, sides, sauces, and dips. Unleash your inner chef and savor your unique creation!

On the go? Eat right and still experience flavor-packed convenience with HeyBaos, a scrumptious fluffy-dough treat, burger-style. The Chicken Bao and Mexican Bao (the vegetarian option) feature cheesy egg white frittata, cheddar cheese, and the delightful touch of Smoky Ranch.

For a light snack or a sidekick to your hearty meal, choose between the Sweet Potato Fries or the Chips N’ Dips featuring taro or sweet potato chips and four delectable dip choices: Avocado Edamame, Beetroot Chipotle, White Bean & Cauliflower, and Red Pepper.

For more information, visit www.heybo.ph and follow @HeyBoPH on Instagram and Facebook.

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