Solaire’s Finestra has new executive chef: Watch these mouth-watering dishes

From steak to pasta, he brings the innovation and authenticity shaped in food capitals

Chef Andrea Spagoni Photo by Lem Atienza

Solaire Resort Entertainment City has introduced Chef Andrea Spagoni as the new executive chef of its signature Italian restaurant, Finestra Italian Steakhouse. Chef Spagoni brings his passion for authenticity, creativity, and a way with fusing global culinary influences, to a Manila dining experience that transcends borders and cultures.

US Prime T-bone steak. (Photo by Lem Atienza)

Raised in Turin, Italy, Chef Spagoni began his gastronomic journey in the authentic and traditional Piedmontese kitchen of his grandmother. His culinary style today, embodied in each meticulously prepared dish at Finestra, is a homage to these roots. Chef Andrea’s work is an authentic expression of the Piedmontese kitchen, a living tribute to his grandmother’s teachings, and an embodiment of the true essence of Italian cuisine.

Embracing the challenge of creating authentic Italian dishes right in Manila, Chef Andrea has innovatively redefined traditional cuisine by sourcing local, high-quality substitutes echoing the essence of Italian ingredients. His menu is a testament to his commitment to his craft and his unique approach in creating a gastronomical delight that reflects the robust flavors of Italy, adapted ingeniously for his local audience.

Calamarata consisting of saffron, cuttlefish, bottarga (Photo by Lem Atienza)


Chef Spagoni offers a dining experience that is both cosmopolitan and grounded in tradition. (Photo by Lem Atienza)


Ricciola is Japanese amberjack carpaccio, pine nut dressing, candied red onion. (Photo by Lem Atienza)

With successful stints in the world’s culinary capitals such as London, Florence, Turin, Hong Kong, and New York, Chef Spagoni is seasoned figure in the global culinary scene. His creations at Finestra bear a global mark that is both cosmopolitan and grounded in tradition. From the robustness of New York and the subtleties of Florence, to the elegance of London and the vibrancy of Hong Kong, each influence is woven into his creations. His menus tell a story of culinary exploration and a deep understanding of diverse global flavors.

Chef Andrea Spagoni is redefining the dining experience at Finestra at Solaire Resort Entertainment City.

Spaghetti alla chitarra consisting of duck ragout, walnut. Photo by Lem Atienza

For more information or reservations, please visit or call tel. no. 8888-8888.

Videography by Julian Reantaso


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