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Some must-stops: Why I enjoy the Elyu night life

From dancing to drag queens, the surfing haven has become a destination for partygoers and food lovers

The drag queens at Rapture

Back in the day, Elyu (La Union) was only a haven for surfers and surf enthusiasts. Nowadays, it has evolved into a popular destination for both food lovers and partygoers. With its trendy cafes, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife, Elyu has become a favorite getaway for those seeking an affordable yet enjoyable place for adventure and relaxation.

Kabsat at night

Author’s favorites in Kabsat

I always make sure to have my favorite dinner at Kabsat while enjoying the view of La Union’s stunning shoreline. The restaurant’s food is on the pricier side, but every dish is worth savoring. Typically served in portions for sharing, even for four people, my favorites include sisig rice, buttered chicken, bagnet kare-kare, and creamy beef with mushrooms. To complement the delicious food, Kabsat also offers buy-one-take-one cocktails during their happy hours from 4 to 6 pm, making it an even more enticing dining experience.

Bisin’s crispy crablets

In addition to Kabsat, I also tried Bisin, a buffet restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of dishes for P450. They offer everything from meat to seafood and Filipino and other Asian cuisines, ensuring you leave satisfied.

Sabong fried chicken

I had Sabong Fried Chicken, which was a bit salty for my taste. The portions are large, though, making it enough for two, or perfect for saving some for later.

When I visit Elyu, experiencing the nightlife is my ultimate stress reliever after long days of work and school. Being just an hour’s drive away from home makes it convenient to unwind spontaneously. I enjoy immersing myself in the vibrant atmosphere of the bars and clubs, where lively music and a welcoming ambiance create the perfect setting to let loose and have fun. Whether I’m dancing with friends or meeting new people, the nightlife in Elyu offers a refreshing escape and a chance to recharge.

Guests at Tavern by the Sea

To give you an idea why I enjoy night life in Elyu, here is a list of my favorite go-to resto-bars:

Tavern by the Sea

Tavern in Elyu offers an exhilarating nightlife experience with bands performing, DJs spinning party-rock music, and crowds dancing and singing along. For me, it is the most spacious party venue in Elyu, though arriving early is key to securing a spot due to its popularity. What I like about it is that tables are set up right by the shore, allowing guests to enjoy drinks while sitting on the fine sand, immersed in the party atmosphere. Around the area, various stalls sell drinks and food, with barbecue being my personal favorite.

Guests at Flotsam and Jetsam under the colorful lanterns and lights

Flotsam and Jetsam

When people talk about Elyu, Flotsam and Jetsam always comes to mind. It’s renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, with DJs playing everything from classic to modern tunes that get everyone singing and dancing along. Guests sit on mats spread out on the sand under colorful lanterns and lights, creating a festive ambiance perfect for enjoying songs like Los del Río’s Macarena or Beyonce’s Crazy in love. Although it has a larger seating area now, latecomers often find themselves queuing along the side road, waiting for others to leave before they can enter. Despite the growing number of bars in Elyu, Flotsam remains the most popular resto-bar in the area.

@vinceda30 Rapture elyu’s drag queen pouring and eating candle wax #elyu ♬ original sound – AlvinAlcantara


At the top of my list is Rapture, not just because it’s Pride Month, but because of its exceptional entertainment. This new drag bar has quickly gained popularity since opening this year, earning rave reviews from guests. For an entrance fee of P200, which includes one drink, I always wrap up my night enjoying the talented drag queens’ entertaining lip-sync performances.

The drag queens at Rapture showcase incredible versatility, performing everything from Jennifer Hudson’s And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going to Gloc-9’s Sirena. Their performances are captivating, often incorporating daring acts like pouring hot candle wax, all in the name of delivering an unforgettable show. While the space isn’t large, I hope they expand soon to accommodate more drag enthusiasts. Rapture has truly become a must-visit spot for me in Elyu.

Guests along the shore in Elyu

Along the shore in Elyu, you’ll find various establishments setting up tables and chairs, along with restaurants offering drinks for those looking to chill out. If you’re on a tight budget or don’t want to wait in long lines at bars, you can simply grab your favorite booze from the famous 7/11 and sit by the shore, enjoying the soothing sounds of the waves under the moonlight.

After a night-out, one thing is certain: Everyone ends up enjoying oneself, with some perhaps getting a bit more intoxicated than planned.

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