Stephen Ku made ‘corny’ look good

Friends remember the renowned nightlife purveyor with love

Stephen Ku: A brother, friend and loved one to many (Photo from In Memory FB post of Ku family)

Last May 29, 20 days after his 47th birthday, entrepreneur, nightlife maverick, and singer Stephen Ku succumbed to illness and passed away. He was known as a moving force behind Eventscape Manila and several big events of the last two decades, including the Bora Bound series, parties headlined by international DJs like Steve Aoki and Tiesto, and party headquarters like The Palace.

Ku was also a singer, however, and was a member of the Fat Sessions band; he recorded a Christmas single in December 2021. Ku married his wife, former beauty queen Parul Shah, only in February this year. Friends who cherished his company through the years shared their sentiments on social media.

Posted by his family:

In loving memory of Stephen Ku.
It is with heavy, broken hearts that we announce the passing of our dear brother, Stephen Ku. The larger than life husband, father, uncle, son, brother, partner and friend, beloved to so many, has gained his angel wings at 3:50 p.m. yesterday, Ascension Day—a most special day to meet his Creator. He fought so hard and finished strong, surrounded by his whole family.
He will be immensely missed by our siblings, the kids, our mom, his son, Ethan, and his wife, Parul, and we thank everyone for the outpouring of kindness and prayers during this difficult time. May the Lord wrap him in His arms as He welcomes him at the pearly gates of Heaven. Please offer up prayers for the eternal repose of Stephen and for comfort for his loved ones….

Kapit lang. I love you, Stephen.


Rovilson Fernandez:

During Bora Bound (From Rovilson Fernandez’s FB)

I recently watched Dave Chappelle and he left me with a quote so profound, it resonates with me every day. Chappelle said, “In a room full of people, the one with the biggest dream wins the room. You just have to be humble enough to know if you are in your dream or someone else’s.”

If you had the pleasure of spending time with my friend Stephen Ku, we were ALL living in his dream. Whatever setting we were in, Stephen would dominate. But not in a loud, brash manner as the other Alphas, mega egos and celebrities that his world encompassed, but he did it in a benevolent, intelligent, smooth yet “kenkoy” way it would absolutely catch you off-guard. Disarming. Beguiling. Extremely likeable. He truly was a master of ceremony. I learned so much from him.

My greatest days and life-long-friends-made were during his events/projects: Bora Bound, The Cave, his vast clubs, bars, hotels and restaurants etc. (Shout-out to Eventscape!).

Out of the bazillions of life-altering, epic moments we’ve done and seen together, the lasting memory I’ll have is Stephen playing a guitar, singing to perfection an absolute mish-mash rap to the tune of The Little Mermaid (does anyone have that recorded?! 🎥). He would start playing that in a wild rambunctious party, and everyone would stop, gather around him like a moth to a flame and listen. And listen some more. And laugh. And SMILE. It was a sight to behold. He made “corny” look good. He owned that room and was the biggest rock star in a room full of rock stars—-cause’ we are all living in his dream. 🌟

On that fateful day when I’m waiting in line to get into heaven, I’m imagining being at the Pearly Gates and not being able to get in….then out pops Stephen with a huge smile, warm energy and wearing his signature dark rimmed glasses holding out his hand and pulling me inside, telling the angels/bouncers, “He’s good—he’s on my guest list.” ❤️

A life well lived that touched many lives and generations. Gone way too soon. It was an honor knowing you

Friends cosplaying Santa Claws (Dee Jae Paeste), “Clark Ku,” and “The Green Minded” at Christmas Party at Victor Consunji’s house (From Fernandez’s FB)



Tina Tinio:

How do you put in words 20+ years of friendship filled with work, life and travel adventures? From our paths crossing when I was doing PR for [email protected] as far back as 2000, and you were a band member of Fat Session (which many people don’t even know about!), to growing our careers together starting with a budget of P10,000 per event to millions to traveling the world (first time in Ibiza together included!) and sharing exceptional moments in exceptional places together—there is no end to the beautiful memories we shared.

In work and in life you were always one of my greatest supporters and I owe where I am today, thanks to your love, support and friendship. No amount of words will ever be enough but I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @stephen_ku and I will miss you every day until I see you again. Rest In Peace Brother and enjoy your place in heaven free of pain knowing how loved you are. Big Love always ❤️🙏🏻❤️ #ripstephenku


Kevin Tan:

Stephen Ku with Kevin Tan (far right) and Eric Cua

This one hits close to the heart! I’m beyond devastated for losing a true brother.

I will miss you dearly, brother. You were always full of life and always the optimist. You also always had my best interest at heart and you always protected me. You are a friend like no other. I’ve been hearing your voice in my head ever since I last saw you the other day.

I met @mitchseetan at your birthday and you are Katy’s favorite Tito. Thank you so much for your unwavering friendship.

Seeing you in the ICU the other day brought tears to my eyes and I haven’t really stopped crying since. To see you in pain when you don’t deserve to suffer like that is heartbreaking.

Anyway you are finally free now from all the pain. Rest in power my brother. I will forever miss you. I love you @stephen_ku

Stephen Ku was responsible for Kevin Tan meeting his wife-to-be Mitch, both shown here with the ‘barkada’ (From Kevin Tan’s FB)

As ‘tito’ to his friends’ kids

The favorite ‘tito’

Tim Yap:

Stephen shared career and life with Tim Yap (From Tim Yap’s FB)

It was just the other day when we went on Zoom to tell you how much we love you.

The pastor prayed over you and when you heard our voices, Parul said you opened your eyes and responded. Didn’t expect that was gonna be the last time I would see you.

Will never forget how you would always jokingly tell people that we were batchmates at La Salle (we weren’t—coz you’re much older 🤣) and how you sold me my first gadget, the beeper—our numbers were right after each other.

Years passed and as we pursued our passions, our paths crossed again as business partners, building things together, fulfilling goals and dreams one at a time. You were a tireless entrepreneur and a very passionate artist, always putting up new ventures and finding ways to do things better.

Your life may have been short, but you lived and loved to the fullest. And that you found the love of your life and married her earlier this year is such a blessing—that was the love you’ve always been searching for. God gave you everything you wanted before it was time for you to go back to Him.

Rest in peace and in power, my brother. Love you Stephen Ku 🤍🤍🤍

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