TheDiarist.ph joins PH ARMY all over the country to celebrate Jin’s discharge, BTS anniversary

APOBANGPO (ARMY forever BANGTAN forever) rocks SM malls, from MOA to Cebu, Camarines, Davao

In his IG RM posts this shortly after Jin's release, all complete and being themselves (@rkive)

The boys welcome back their eldest, Jin. (Photo from twitter @BTS_twt)

Meme of a tearful welcome hug for eldest member Jin by the boys at military camp gate, with Suga photoshopped in. (Photo from twitter @mhereonlyforbts)

BTS ARMY all over the Philippines came out in resurgent force June 12 to celebrate the discharge from the military of Jin, the band’s oldest member, on June 12 itself, and to pave the way fo the 11th year anniversary of BTS on June 13. TheDiarist.ph spearheaded the cupsleeve event APOBANGPO (ARMY forever, Bangtan forever) in select cafes in select SM Supermalls, from MOA all the way to Cebu, Camarines and Davao.  “SeokJune” is a month of celebration for BTS ARMY worldwide.

BTS ARMY at SM Seaside Cebu

BTS ARMY Bicol at SM Naga

In a most touching scene, Kim Seokjin strode out of the military camp gate, did a snappy salute, then both hands raised in greeting, received the bouquet handed him by staff, then walked to meet—in an ARMY-heart-stopping moment—the boys, led by leader RM who was playing the sax. One by one j-hope, V, Jimin, JK rushed to Jin to give their eldest a tight, tearful hug, Later in a Weverse Live, they would be joined by Suga, the band’s prolific composer, producer, performer. The members took a  leave from the service to celebrate Jin’s special day.

ARMY Yah and Cookiemonsteerr at SM City Manila

BTS ARMY PH at SM North Edsa

Bangkada of Borahae in Manila with BTS standees at SM Southmall in Las Pinas

Community of ARMY in Davao at SM Lanang Premier

In the Philippines, ARMY fanbases (see full list below), with TheDiarist.ph,  gathered and talked BTS over drinks and food, watched videos, took selfies with the boys’ standees, collected  the cupsleeves and other keepsakes prepared by ARMY. Hundreds and hundreds of cupsleeves were snapped up by ARMY customers.

Hush ARMY and BTS ARMY QC with TheDiarist.ph’s Nikko Dizon (white shirt, seated, center) and Ria Tangco (standing, third from left), pose with BTS standees at Nineteen Degrees café, MOA.

ARMY volunteers man raffle/donation booths at Nineteen Degrees café at MOA.

ARMY early birds led by Nikko Dizon (standing) of TheDiarist.ph at Nineteen Degrees café at MOA

BTS ARMY QC at Nineteen Degrees café, MOA

BTS ARMY at the Kurimi Milk Tea Bar, SM Bacoor, Cavite. (BTS Noona)

Jin’s back! Cute Jin stickers courtesy of Bangtan Hwaiting and Hallyu Waves

Bangtan Hwaiting and Hallyu Wave at WouldULike cafe, SM Light

Community of ARMY Davao flexes the APOBANGPO cupsleeve

Wootteo joins Community of ARMY at SM Lanang

BTS ARMY of Cebu sends heart signs to BTS

Worldwide handsome Jin and A Little Tea for BTS ARMY at SM Seaside City Cebu

Welcoming Jin back at Paik’s Coffee, SM Manila (ARMY Yah, Cookiemonsteerr, D’Prints)

BTS ARMY does a Run BTS game of musical chairs (ARMY Yah, Cookiemonsteerr, D’Prints)

Raise your hands if you love BTS! (AmbiMerch by Ambivert ARMY)

At the cupsleeve event, Bangkada of Borahae from Manila hosts a mental health talk  by Jeannie Magua of Unicef Philippines’ Kaibigan Chatline, at Taste of Czaczacza, SM Southmall.

BTS ARMY Sorsogon sends love to BTS with their heart hands and heart fingers at Serenitea, SM Sorsogon

ARMY forever, Bangtan forever! (BTS ARMY Sorsogon)

BTS ARMY are Super Tuna fanatics! Thank you for that second verse, Jin! (BTS ARMY Ph)

BTS ARMY essentials- our lightstick and an OT7 photo. (Boraland- Camarines Norte)

BTS ARMY Sorsogon hams it up for the camera.

Boraland Camarines Norte is grateful to be at the Magic Shop.

Boraland- Camarines Norte’s giveaways at the APOBANGPO cupsleeve event at Momoyo cafe, SM Daet

A selca with the Tannies is a must! (Hush ARMY)

At Nineteen Degrees at SM Mall of Asia saw continuous queues as TheDiarist.ph did the cupsleeve event from 10 am to 10 pm with BTS ARMY Quezon City, Hush Angels ARMY. TheDiarist.ph also had the support of its longtime collaborator Bench.

It is interesting to note that TheDiarist.ph, a website, with YouTube and social media platforms, dedicated to personal essays and experiences founded by veteran Philippine journalists, many of whom are ARMY, first went live on Dec. 4, 2020, on Jin’s birthday.

APOBANGPO means “ARMY forever, Bangtan forever,” and was coined by Jungkook, the band’s youngest member. Now, more than ever, this battlecry holds true for BTS and their ARMY.

It’s been a storied journey—watched by the whole world—for the seven Bangtan boys who are now all enlisted in the military: RM, Jin, Suga, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.


When everyone thought the popularity of BTS would dip while they’re on a pause, the contrary happened. BTS members keep on ruling music charts the world over, they’re constantly talked about, and real ARMY never wavered in their support for all the projects that BTS prepared for them while in the military, such that enlistment-era ARMY were born.

BTS’ albums, singles, music videos have been keeping ARMY busy—distracted, actually—from the boys’ absence.

Just last month, band leader RM released his second solo album, Right Place, Wrong Person. In March, j-hope released his six-track EP, Hope on the Street Vol. 1. ARMYs can also watch its accompanying docu-series on Prime Video, where j-hope opens the door to his wonderful world of dance and introduces his mentors and contemporaries who became great influences on him.  In April, V delighted ARMYs with his solo single, Fri(end)s.

D-Day: The Original, featuring in a digital code the last three shows of Suga’s mega-successful concert tour last year, is now also available for purchase on Weverse. It includes the guest performances of fellow BTS members RM, Jimin, and Jungkook, Suga’s joint performances with them, and a lot of behind-the-scene footages. And ARMYs are over the moon with the 28 photo cards of Suga and the posters that are rolled, not folded (because Suga himself said he didn’t like folded posters), that come with every purchase of D-Day: The Original.

Occasionally, the Tannies would post messages on Weverse, or photos and videos on their individual Instagram accounts.

BTS’ military enlistment does feel like the boys and ARMYs are in a long-distance relationship—just like how military families feel when their loved ones are deployed. Each one went the extra mile to keep in touch, until the day comes when they return and everyone feels like no one ever left. Nikko Dizon

We are ARMY, of course, we have our ARMY lightsticks! (BTS ARMY Bicol, Naga)

Sidus Production giveaways at Foam Coffee SM Clark

Having a good time at WouldULike cafe at SM Masinag, Antipolo

Giveaways from BTS ARMY of Cebu at SM Seaside City Cebu

Giveaways from Ambivert ARMY at SM San Pablo

Cute mugs from BTS ARMY Bicol, Naga

BTS Noona led the APOBANGPO cupsleeve event at Kurimi Milk Tea Bar at SM Bacoor, Cavite

BTS ARMY Ph at Dakasi Tea at SM North Edsa

Bangtan Hwaiting at WouldULike cafe at SM Light, Mandaluyong City

ARMY Yah’s Jin straw bubble heads at SM Manila

ARMY with their precious photo cards at WouldULike cafe at SM Masinag, Antipolo

ARMY Naga, Bicol showing off TheDiarist.ph/SM APOBANGPO cupsleeves

ARMY Bingo by BTS ARMY Naga

A pretty purple welcome for ARMYs at Foam Coffee SM Clark Tech Hub 9 by Sidus Productions

We are BTS’ ARMY! Of course, we wear purple! (BTS ARMY Bicol, Naga)

The following are participating ARMY fanbases and cafes at different SM Malls for “APOBANGPO: An ARMY Cupsleeve Event” on June 12, 2024:

• BTS ARMY Quezon City Ph, Hush Angels ARMY: Nineteen Degrees, SM Mall of Asia
• BTS ARMY PH: Dakasi, SM North Edsa
• ARMY Yah, Cookymonsteerrr D’Prints: Paik’s Coffee, SM Manila
• BANGkada of Borahae from Manila: Taste of Czaczacza, SM Southmall
• Bangtan AMhie, Mood.eastmnl, Home- A happy place for purple hearts: Wouldulike, SM Masinag
• BTS ARMY Sorsogon: Serenitea, SM Sorsogon
• Sidus Productions, Foam Coffee, SM Clark Tech Hub 9
• AmbiMerch by Ambivert Army: Caramia Cakes & Gelato, SM San Pablo
• Ortus: Bubble Tea Station, SM City Cebu
• BTS Noona: Kurimi Milk Tea Bar, SM Bacoor
• BTS ARMY Bicol: Kelia’s Cafe, SM Naga City
• Boraland-Camarines Norte: Momoyo Ice Cream and Iced Coffee, SM City Daet
• BTS-ARMY of Cebu: A Little Tea, SM Seaside City Cebu
• Community of ARMY, ARMY Davao: Daleachious Cafe, SM Lanang Premier
• OnlyBangtanPH
• Bangtan Hwaiting, Hallyu Waves: WouldULike cafe, SMDC Light Mall

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