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Today’s lifestyle reimagined: The ‘vertical gated village’

Imagine the blending of indoor and outdoor spaces—several storeys high

Haraya Residences
Two-bedroom unit model at Haraya Residences Showroom has expansive windows that run from the high-ceiling living room to the guest and master bedrooms. (Contributed photo)


Haraya Residences

Haraya Residences set amid vast lush greenery. (Artist’s rendition)

Haraya Residences Set to rise in the heart of Bridgetowne Estate in Pasig, amid 2500 sqm of lush greenery, Haraya Residences, the latest joint venture of Shang Properties and Robinson’s Land, is a new vision for urban living.

Upon stepping into the property’s swanky showroom, one is drawn to the high ceilings, curvilinear forms and light-filled, airy ambience. Walking through the vibrant  one-, two- and three-bedroom model units, I was struck by their spacious and thoughtfully planned layouts. The one-bedroom model units feel far more roomy than the standard one-bedrooms typical of property showrooms.

A key element is the inter-connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, a much sought-after feature in today’s post-pandemic lifestyle.

“A new era requires new thinking; it demands a new understanding of the home, how we live, interact, unwind and be productive, “ said Shang Properties EVP Jose Juan Jugo, explaining the unique vision for the innovative two-tower development. This is “vertical gated village,” he said.

Initially launching is the 57-residential storey South Tower comprising of 558 homes with stunning views. It is like a gated community but built upwards. When one acquires a unit at Haraya Residences, one also buys into a suite of indoor and outdoor amenities, including a tropical pool and gardens, venues and lounges for private events, a Chef’s Kitchen, Viewing Room, Library, gym, game room and children’s playground. The impressive array of amenities is regarded as extension of each home and a way to build a sense of community.

Haraya translates into “imagination” in the vernacular.  It suggests how the property reimagines the Filipino home and cosmopolitan living—a new perspective. A collaboration of top global design firms— Hong Kong based P&T Group led by Swiss architect Edgar Cozzio, Milan’s FM Architettura, Bangkok-based P Landscape— and Filipino artisans come together to transform this vision into reality.


At the media preview, founder and CEO of FM Architettura, Francesca Muzio, described how the concept of traditional living has evolved. “The way we use the spaces in our homes nowadays is very different. There is a new awareness on the importance of domestic comfort and a desire for more tactile homes.”

She explained how the concept of the Italian loggia was incorporated in the design to meet the desire for more al fresco spaces and for opportunities to be closer to nature. “It’s an extension of your home, but also a part of the exterior; a space that can take on many personalities—an intimate garden for example, or an outdoor living room,” she said. Muzio refers to this flexible design concept as a “pixelated layout” that allows new interactions between spaces and a reimagining of the modern home.


The Haraya Residences Showroom at the corner of Riverside Road and Bridgetowne Blvd., Bridgetowne Destination Estate, E. Rodriguez Ave., Brgy. Rosario, Pasig City

Beyond the inspiring designspeak, I also had the chance to ask Rosemarie Morales, Shang Properties senior director for Group Sales, what her reading was on the post-pandemic property outlook and what Filipinos are looking today in real estate. Apart from the reputation of the developer, Morales singled out accessibility, convenience and location as essentials. “For families looking to buy a home, it’s very important that the property is near vital centers. If we look at Haraya, everything is within a 3 to 5 km radius —major hospitals, educational institutions and commercial establishments,“ she said.

Beyond that, Morales pointed out that Bridgetowne is still an up-and-coming estate, “so you can imagine how the values would have appreciated by the time it is fully developed.”

A two-bedroom unit model in the Haraya Residences Showroom featuring expansive windows that extend from the lofty living room to the guest and master bedrooms.

Perhaps lead architect Edgar Cozzio best summed it all up, “Haraya Residences engages all your senses… It is a sanctuary to enjoy the family and to socialize with friends…A well-planned and a well-thought-of development such as Haraya Residences—in harmony with the environment, bringing the outdoors in through the loggias, incredible landscaping, stunning views—is paramount in improving quality of living.”

One-bedroom-unit models in the Haraya Residences Showroom which reimagine the traditional one-bedroom layout with additional flexible space and a loggia that expands the airy living room.

For more information, visit, call 0917 5-HARAYA (427292), or follow @harayaresidences on Instagram and @harayaresidencesofficial on Facebook.

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