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Your coffee fix can be ethical
and eco-mindful

Malongo collaborates with Klean Kanteen
—present your tumbler to barista

Malongo partners with Klean Kanteen for an eco-minded coffee habit

Malongo is a French Living Heritage company established in Nice in 1934

For sustainable-minded lovers of coffee (and tea!), Malongo Atelier Barista has leveled up its offerings in an eco-mindful way.

Starting out in 1934 as a family-run roaster in Nice, France, Malongo is today a French Living Heritage company specializing in Fair Trade and organic coffees and teas. From plantation to cup, starting with Malongo’s exceptional properties to its traditional farming methods, from farmers hand-picking the cherries to slow roasting the beans, every step gives Malongo coffee its distinct flavors and aromas.

Take your pick from an array of slow-roasted beans and single-origin coffees from across the globe.

An urban-style emporium devoted to coffee and French comfort cuisine, Malongo Atelier Barista invites coffee lovers to savor the rarest vintages and the most original recipes. Experience a coffee break unlike any other, with well-trained baristas ready to help discover the best Arabicas in the world, as well as an array of home brewing kits, French-designed machines, coffee paraphernalia, teas and infusions, pods, toothsome tidbits, and special gift sets.

Develp an eco-friendly coffee habit by bringing your reusable Klean Kanteen tumbler or cup to any Malongo Atelier Batista branch, and avail of special discounts.

Partnering with Klean Kanteen, Malongo has come up with a solution to meet your caffeine cravings while simultaneously reducing your waste footprint.

Until July 15, you can turn your coffee and tea habit into an ethical, eco-friendly one by bringing your Klean Kanteen cup or tumbler to any one of the Atelier Malongo Barista branches for your on-the-go coffee fix.

Present your reusable Klean Kanteen tumbler to a Malongo barista and automatically get 15 percent off on all food and beverages. There are also Malongo’s delightful pastries and scrumptious bistro-style dishes.

Malongo Atelier Barista

Malongo Atelier Barista is at Mckinley West and Bonifacio High Street.

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