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2023 fashion trends: Post-pandemic world returns to bolder look

But with versatility, more deconstruction/layering, upcycling

Refined resort look by Rue de Tokyo. Photo from WGSN

Micro textures look by Odile. Photo from WGSN

2023 fashion is all about versatility and quality, as functional, vibrant and innovative ensembles blend into the hybrid post-pandemic lifestyle, according to giant trend forecaster WGSN which is a team of over 250 experts and data scientists that curate an immense online library of insights and inspirations in fashion, retail and the lifestyle industry.

Fashion designer, industry expert, and Benilde Fashion Design and Merchandising educator Ionica Abrahan Lim

“Trends were more relaxed in 2022 as we all transitioned into the new normal. But 2023 trends are bolder, more expressive and at the same time, functional,” said fashion designer and industry expert Ionica Abrahan Lim, an educator at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Environment and Design.

She noted that consumers are now wiser and have become more conservative with their purchases. For women’s wear, upcycled shirts and unfinished hems will be in, as they become more conscious about garment production.

“Consumers push for circularity especially with the economic recession,” Abrahan Lim explained. “Fashion will be greatly influenced by popular hacks and tutorials featured in social media. Deconstruction and upcycling will produce more sustainable and less harmful garments, not to mention a boost in creativity and self-expression.”

2023 also will move on from the above-the-keyboard dressing, which was the norm at the height of the work-from-home set-up.

“As hybrid settings continue to emerge, pieces that are easy for casual gathering but are still suitable for business meetings will create flexibility,” Abrahan Lim said. “Layering is key for transitioning from day to party.”

For this category, she advised silky pieces and subtle yet feminine details, such as sexy cutouts. Lingerie designs, sheer garments, slip dresses and corsets with accents also give a more interesting texture to the day-to-night look.

For a more youth-focused approach, statement biker jackets with boxy silhouettes and vibrant racer overalls make for a comfortable, gender-inclusive investment that can go from season-to-season.

Soft utility likewise goes for all, as the new year ushers in a braver approach to practical elements. For ladies, apparel with sporty silhouettes and softer materials are in. Fashion-forward cargo that offers roomy and detachable belt pockets provide a more futuristic look, especially when paired with modish mini bags.

The same movements apply to gentlemen, as their wardrobe gets more experimental with new masculine identities and gender-inclusive themes.

Vacationcore now reigns the racks as travel goes back to normal. The women’s section is all about coords in more polished looks and vibrant prints that scream holiday. The menswear department joins in with smarter loungewear that can go from home to city to carefree trips.

As textile innovations focus on quality rather than quantity, elevated basics are also back with micro textures on the spotlight. With redefined and interesting fabrication and volume, tailored apparel and familiar silhouettes are made more premium.

Outdoor hats, bejeweled belts, oversized earrings, and hair claws are back on the accessory list.  “Crystals and charms give a great boost to a party look—ready for celebrations,” Abrahan Lim said. “Still following last year’s joyful expression, these added elements in your wardrobe will champion mood-boosting aesthetic and nostalgia.”

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