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Income Assure 10—Eliminate the risks, focus on the future as you navigate the rocky present

Pre-pandemic Christmas 2019 at Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, the author spent with her sons. (Photo by T. Sioson)

This thought is not unique to me as a mother of two millennials. I believe many a mother has this concern at the back of her mind. Though they still live with me, my two sons have careers, passions and pursuits of their own. One is a corporate executive who’s into mixed martial arts, the other is in the creatives who is also a certified kettle bell trainer. In short, they have gainful lives of their own even as they stay in the mother ship. Failure to launch? Not really, they’re just astute, shrewd guardians of the bottomline, their own.

Like many guys their age, they are investing in various assets, even before they settle down and have families of their own. I’m grateful for that, yet my worry is, what if they get lured to quick-money schemes, and there are so many seductive financial options out there; in truth, I stopped my son from going into one in the nick of time.

My sons belong to a generation that feels invincible. To put it mildly, they’re a generation of risk takers—technology makes sure of that. They’re techno-risk takers.

Perhaps that’s why there are mothers—to reel them back into stability and security.

Keep the ship steady.

Not only are the times hard, they are also unstable and quite confusing—the peso is down, prices are going up so that your peso can buy much less tomorrow than today, the stock market is volatile, and the other financial options out there are scary.

What you want is security and stability.

This is why I’m thinking of getting the Income Assure 10—with my sons (what are their savings for?). For a typical mother who only wants the best for her sons, Income Assure 10 is a very good option. It is an insurance product launched recently by AIA Philippines, the country’s premier life insurance firm.

My sons’ generation is luckier than mine, in that they have a good range of insurance options to choose from. Income Assure 10 is actually for a wide demographic, but I have my sons in mind because I want them to focus on the future—as they try to navigate the rocky present, and so that I am certain that a portion of their savings goes into a viable product that maximizes its earning potential.

It will earn 5% of the initial lump sum payment at the end of each year for the next 10 years. This gives you a guaranteed total of 50% of your initial payment which you’ll receive as annual cash payouts.

In short, Income Assure 10 isn’t risky. You get high returns on your money—guaranteed, stable, straight-to-the-point profits, unlike the volatile stock market. You know exactly what to expect.

“Income Assure 10’s main selling proposition is the guaranteed benefit that the customer will receive from his policy for a specific duration. This eliminates the risks on the side of the consumer because the payouts are definite. No need to worry about the market’s volatility and other uncertainties related to investing. More importantly, it still serves as a life insurance coverage that guarantees protection for the customer’s beneficiary should anything happen to the insured/policy owner,” Tennyson Paras, head of products AIA Philippines, explains to

One of its main attractions is that Income Assure 10 is also a life insurance product that gives 125% of the premium payment as guaranteed benefit, if something unfortunate befalls the policy owner after two years.

Paras stresses, “Income Assure 10 is the best option for those who want to gain additional income and make their money work for them. It’s a product that grows the customer’s money and gives them guaranteed payouts every year for 10 years. One of the best features of Income Assure 10 is the Maturity Benefit where the customer’s initial premium will be returned at the end of the policy year. Customer will receive the full amount of the initial premium paid at the start of their policy on top of the last payout.”

This month, Income Assure 10 can be purchased as a bundled product together with selected participating insurance products of AIA Philippines for your protection, health, medical, and investment needs. This bundle offer gives you a comprehensive protection plus savings solution. (Available until 30 December 2022, or until supplies last.)

An added come-on is the hassle-free application under the Guaranteed Policy Approval.

Honestly, the product is this mother’s sure way to make her sons save for the long-term—straight, without distractions or easy lures. All this time, I’ve been encouraging them to invest in physical assets such as condo and land. Now the Income Assure 10 is even a more complementary, up-front investment that is within their budget, without risks (and property tax obligations). Since it can be affordable, they don’t have to give up their lifestyle passions such as travel—I don’t know of any millennial who doesn’t go on a trip at a drop of a hat.

Paras explains, “Income Assure 10 is perfect for the upper income/affluent segment. Those who have extra savings of at least PHP500,000 that they’d like to grow and make money from without taking on the risks brought by investments. These are for our careful investors who prefer straightforward types of financial products with a good percentage of guaranteed returns – including the return of initial investment via the Maturity Benefit.

“This product is perfect for those saving up to buy a house, renovate a house, go on a family vacation, start a business, etc. – all while staying protected through life insurance.”

Actually this generation of income-earners is pampered with choices.

Paras confirms that: “This type of product revolutionized how customers see a life insurance product as it goes beyond just offering death benefits but also provides living benefits such as guaranteed cash payouts which is a feature that many are still unaware of. Income Assure 10 bridges the product design of an insurance product with a long-term savings component through this innovative savings growth solution. Income Assure 10 pushes the boundaries of what customers can receive from their life insurance policy as this time, it helps them achieve their savings goals.”

You make your savings earn to the max—that’s this mother’s dream for her sons. And directly or circuitously, mother gets her way.

Click here for more information about AIA Philippines’ Income Assure 10.

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