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CJC x UNIVERS makes contact

The newly launched collaboration brings together two fashion mavericks

CJC x Univers - Garage

CJC x Univers – Garden

Carl Jan Cruz has always worn his label’s cult status with pride. If a pair of colossally cuffed jeans or a frolic-ready daster found their loyal following among Manila’s fringey and fluid—the artists and creative renegades who make up his “crewz”—then so be it.

But while a label like Cruz’s has a special orbit in the Philippine style stratosphere, some occasions call for what you can term as an intergalactic collision.

CJC x UNIVERS is just that event. UNIVERS has found a kindred spirit closer to home.

CJC x Univers – Studio

Through this collaborative capsule, Carl Jan Cruz celebrates the Filipino who has zero fears when it comes to expressing themselves. Be it through Pambahay (Loungewear) or Pang-Okasyon (Eveningwear), their definitive character completes a collection dominated by soft fabrics, single-seam construction, and sparse contrasts in color save for a pop of cerulean here and there. Saluting this solidity in self, garments are mostly hand-stitched, reflecting strength in one’s very foundation.

While often a collaboration invites creative connection between two entities, CJC x UNIVERS ventures beyond this construct. It invites the wearer into the fold as well.

CJC x Univers – Sala

Those who stand self-assured in their identity provide the finishing contrast to a collection rife with subdued tones and deceptive simplicity. Tribute is paid to the wearer who, like the store and the designer, gravitate toward “paving the way and staying the course.”

CJC x Univers – Home

Explore CJC x UNIVERS, launched in November at UNIVERS.

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