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Best burger, shawarma, etc—your foodie’s surprise guide to Siargao

I also found perhaps the only ceviche bar in PH— yes, this famous destination is not just for surfers

Paella marinara with fresh scallops

Siargao is a haven for beach lovers and surfers, but what I didn’t know is that it is an island for foodies. The island is a melting pot of different cultures, and this is reflected in the local cuisine. You will not see franchised fast foods here, the food is heavily influenced by the local culture, with dishes that showcase the flavors and traditions of the region. Many of the island’s dishes are based on classic Filipino recipes, but with unique twists and variations that reflect the local ingredients and cooking styles. Whether you’re looking for Filipino dishes, international fare, or fusion cuisine, Siargao has it all.

Kermit Resort and Restaurant

Kermit is a must-visit restaurant in Siargao. It is known for its wood-fired pizzas, which in my opinion is the best on the island. The pizza crust is freshly made, thin and crispy, and you can also choose your own toppings. In addition to pizza, Kermit serves pasta, salads, and sandwiches. The restaurant also has a lively bar scene, popular for socializing and meeting people. Fridays is happy hour all night, buy one drink and get one free. Make sure you get there before 7p.m. After 7p.m., the wait time is about 30 minutes, and there’s a line every day until it closed at 9:30pm. (The restaurant closes early so better be there early.)

foodie's surprise guide to Siargao

Wood-fired margherita pizza with anchovies

foodie's surprise guide to Siargao

Kermit’s wood-fired pizza oven

foodie's surprise guide to Siargao

Mango basil daquiri

Visit Kermit: Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps


Cev is a unique restaurant that serves ceviche and kinilaw, probably the only ceviche bar in the Philippines, if not in the whole of Asia. Its Guyam (named after one of Siargao’s islands) is a standout dish, made with fresh catch-of-the-day fish kinilaw with roasted bell pepper sauce, grilled pork belly, crunchy corn (cornick) and pickled vegetables— a mix of textures and flavors that meld. It was the first time I had ceviche with crispy corn bits, and surprisingly it works! The restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere, and it’s a great spot to enjoy a casual meal with friends.

foodie's surprise guide to Siargao

Cev’s Guyam, its version of Sinuglaw

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Bravo Restaurant and Beach Resort

Bravo is a restaurant that specializes in Spanish cuisine. The menu includes tapas, sandwiches, salads, and its mains are not to be missed. I tried its paella marinara prepared it with the day’s special— fresh scallops. The huevos estrellados con chorizo was unforgettable­­­, fried eggs over fries, homemade chorizo, and drizzled truffle oil. Pair it with a refreshing pitcher of sangria.

foodie's surprise guide to Siargao

Huevos estrellados con chorizo

foodie's surprise guide to Siargao


Visit Bravo: Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps


Cumin serves flavorful curries and kebabs. I haven’t had a shawarma bowl and kebab this good! There’s a flurry of shawarma kiosks in Metro Manila, but nothing comes close to the real one. The flavors at Cumin were spot on. Its shawarma bowl was served with perfectly spiced beef over rice with onions, tomatoes, cabbage and cucumber drizzled with garlic sauce and chili.


Beef kebab


Shawarma rice

Visit Cumin: Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps


Kurvada serves seafood, grilled meats, and other Filipino dishes turo-turo style. My description doesn’t do justice, but imagine heading here starving after a day of surfing. It fits the bill…belly? It’s no-fuss, comfort food.


Turo-turo style Filipino comfort food

Visit Kurvada: Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps


Zicatela serves tacos, burritos, and other Mexican dishes. It’s more of a Tex-Mex style than street tacos, but if you’re feeling like having tacos and margarita, this will satisfy those cravings.


Nacho Supremo great for sharing


Classic margarita

Visit Zicatela: Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps


Warung serves authentic Indonesian dishes. The restaurant is known for nasi goreng, a traditional Indonesian fried rice dish. It also serves satay, mie goreng, and other Indonesian dishes. The flavors are bold and spicy, just what I was looking for that day. I tried its Nasi Campur, a rice platter of turmeric and lime-marinated fried chicken, beef rendang and stir-fried vegetables.


Nasi Campur


Mie Goreng

Visit Warung at Siargao Island Villas: Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps

Big Belly Burgers

Big Belly Burgers is THE destination for anyone looking for delicious burgers and casual dining in Siargao. With its fun, welcoming atmosphere, tasty menu, and friendly service, this burger joint is a must-visit for anyone exploring the island. And if I may say so myself, this is the best burger I’ve had in the Philippines! Bar none.


Twin Wagyu Smash Burger


Truffle fries with braised shiitake, browned onion and truffle mayo

Visit Big Belly Burgers: Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps

Many of these restaurants use local ingredients to give their dishes a unique Siargao twist, creating a fusion cuisine that is truly one of a kind. From casual beachside eateries to fine dining restaurants, there is something for every taste and budget in Siargao. Definitely my favorite island in the Philippines.

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