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BinJin: The lovers have landed, and how

Fans of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin got what they wished for—the ‘kilig’ goes on

The BinJin couple stirred up social media when they posted photos of a mini wedding dress and of their interlocked hands.

“I found someone to spend the rest of my life with. Yes… it’s him.”

With this sentence posted on her Instagram account on Febraury 10, Son Ye Jin, the other half of the much-loved  BinJin tandem of K-Dramaland, sent her and Hyun Bin’s fans to seventh heaven.

Hyun Bin, through his agency VAST Entertainment, said in a statement on Instagram, “I have made this promise with the woman who always makes me laugh: to always walk together in the days that lie ahead.”

MS Team Entertainment, Son Ye Jin’s agency, confirmed the news VAST Entertainment released, and revealed that the wedding will take place in Seoul in March in a quiet, private ceremony with the BinJin couple’s parents and close friends in attendance.

The two were first paired in the 2017 movie Negotiation. Although they did not have scenes together, they became good friends when filming ended, and fans had hoped it would not be the last time they would star in a film or drama.

Thus, the palpable chemistry between the two A-list actors burned through the screens when they headlined the runaway romantic series of 2019—Crash Landing on You.

Followers of the 16-episode series swooned each time the couple appeared onscreen together, whether in the hard-scrabble environs of the north or in the glitzy capital of Seoul. CLOY did not really say much about an earthshaking romance between an unlikely couple, except that the circumstances in which love bloomed between them heightened anticipation among its audience. For sure, the series used all the tropes of a rom-com in telling its story, but what made it work was the pair. They looked so good together that they sizzled in their moments onscreen.

The story isn’t extraordinary. A successful South Korean businesswoman and chaebol heiress is swept up by strong winds while paragliding in Seoul and crash lands in North Korea. There, she meets an army captain of the Korean People’s Army who decides to protect her and help her hide. They fall in love, despite the divide and dispute between their respective countries.

She eventually returns to Seoul, and he follows her with his posse of zany army underlings; they are separated when he is summoned back to the north. A reunion between the lovers seems almost impossible, but eventually viewers find them in each other’s arms in Switzerland where the captain, a pianist before he was forced to return to Pyongyang, is holding a concert while she is in the capital for business. A long shot of the lovers ends this most talked-about and swooned-over love story.

The ratings of CLOY steadily climbed each week, breaking records when its final episode peaked at 24.1 percent, setting an average 21.7 percent overall viewership.

Fans of CLOY had been hoping that the two Hallyu stars would end up as lovers in real life. BinJin confirmed their relationship in 2021

It was no surprise then that fans of CLOY had been hoping that the two Hallyu stars would end up as lovers in real life. They got what they wished for when the BinJin couple confirmed their relationship in 2021. But from then on, they kept a low profile and maintained their relationship at a very private level with only occasional public appearances together, heightening the expectation of fans for this very moment.

The separate announcements on their Instagram accounts naturally sent fans in a tizzy. It is also well-timed, coming as it does barely a few days before Valentine’s Day and the release on February 16 of Thirty-Nine, a drama about three best friends on the cusp of turning 40. Son Ye Jin stars with Jeon Mi Do (Hospital Playlist) and Kim Ji Hyun.

In her Instagram account, Son Ye Jin posted a picture of her holding a miniature wedding dress with lace and pearls and this message: “I thought long and hard about how to share this story because it is an important one. I found someone to spend the rest of my life with. Yes… it’s him. Boy meets girl, recognizes each other in the crowd, and promises to build a future together.” She added that “he keeps her warm and protected.”

Son Ye Jin also expressed her gratitude to her fans, saying: “ I am always eternally grateful to my fans, who always cheer me on and give me unconditional love…I sincerely hope that everyone will experience more and more happiness in the days ahead.”

Hyun Bin’s statement was accompanied by a picture showing their hands tightly intertwined.

He said in a statement: “I am writing this because I wanted to let my fans, who have shown me enormous support and love and cherished me despite my flaws, know first about this most important decision on my life. I made the important decision of marriage and am cautiously taking steps toward the second stage of my life. I have made this promise with the woman who always makes me laugh (Son Ye Jin): to always walk together in the days that lie ahead. The ‘Jung Hyuk and Se Ri’ who were together in the drama will take the first step together in that future. I believe that people will rejoice and celebrate our first steps together with the same affection and warmth that you have shown us so far. Until we meet in person again, please stay happy and healthy.”

Before Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin found love and decided to make a life together, Hyun Bin had been in relationships with his co-stars, but none of these relationships caught the interest of fans as much as his relationship with Son Ye Jin. Both A-list actors, they are of the same age and have the same stature as actors. As fans anticipate their wedding, interest in their upcoming works is also rising at fever pitch. While Hyun Bin has not started a new drama or film, Son Ye Jin’s new drama Thirty-Nine premieres on February 16.

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