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E-book on PNoy to be launched
September 1; open to the public

To ensure that his legacy goes down in posterity—
‘It is a gift to future generations of Filipinos’

PNoy eBook Launch

Salamat PNoy is an E-book to be launched virtually on Sept. 1, 2021 at 10 a.m.

Edited by Paulynn Sicam and designed by Ali Figueroa, the book, the first of two volumes, is a compilation of testimonies of thought leaders—heads of state, government officials, clerics, business people, educators, journalists and ordinary people, hailing the life and work of President Benigno S. Aquino III, the accomplishments of his administration, and how these impacted on the lives of the most vulnerable Filipinos. It also includes eulogies by his Cabinet members.

Volume 2, to be launched in early October, will have personal memories of family, close friends, household staff, speechwriters and close-in staff of PNoy.

Salamat PNoy is published by the Alliance of Women for Action Towards Reform (AWARE) which was founded in 1983 after the assassination of Senator Ninoy Aquino. It played a leading role in the protests that led to the snap election of 1986 and the People Power revolution.

Narzalina Lim, one of AWARE’s founding members, said that the organization decided to embark on the project to ensure that the legacy of PNoy’s presidency is documented and preserved for posterity.  “It is a gift to future generations of Filipinos, especially the young, who we hope will be inspired by and learn from the good governance practices of the PNoy administration,” Lim said.

The public can join the launch by visiting or by logging into Zoom Webinar ID 894 2188 4471 and Passcode 768594.

Four writers will read excerpts from their tributes and Filipino artists will perform PNoy’s favorite songs. The late President was a lover of music and had a playlist of 75 favorite songs on Spotify.

The book will be available for free starting September 1, 10 AM, from the website .

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