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In rare interview, son Angelo talks about Constancio Bernardo, Amorsolo

A master sees beyond his time—his works in Under the Tree: The Wish List

Constancio Bernardo
Angelo Bernardo

The Salcedo Auctions’ “Under the Tree: The Wish List” is held online and on site Saturday, Dec. 2, 2023, at Salcedo Auctions, NEX Tower, Ayala Ave., Makati. Among the memorable works are by Constancio Bernardo.

Constancio Bernardo, ‘July,’ 1971, acrylic on wood

A master sees beyond his time

The artistry of Constancio Bernardo, a Yale scholar, was influenced by the mentorship of luminaries like Fernando Amorsolo, Willem de Kooning, and Josef Albers.

Yet, it’s not solely this apprenticeship that defines his greatness; rather, it’s his boldness to transcend established styles, exhibiting a genius that dared to venture beyond conventions.

Constancio Bernardo, ‘Tawag-Pansin Blg. 3,’ 1987, acrylic on wood

Bernardo fearlessly experimented with style and color, envisioning the future of art in an era when modern techniques were not yet embraced in the Philippines.

Discover the story of a visionary ahead of his time in this exclusive interview with his son, Angelo Bernardo.

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