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It’s like you’re about to eat into a Disney movie

Your table becomes the cinematic experience in Le Petit Chef

Italian burrata with animation video as backdrop

As the economy slowly opens up and people are starting to go out again, there emerges a culinary gig that is novel and unique—Le Petit Chef, where dining experience turns cinematic. At Grand Hyatt Manila’s The Peak, Le Petit Chef combines theater and dining as the touted smallest chef in the world takes diners on a two-hour gastronomic experience this March.

Moments before the dining experience

This gastronomic trip is a curated six-course meal: Italian burrata, bouillabaisse with fresh premium seafood, smoked chicken foie gras ballotine, char-grilled Australian beef tenderloin, mascarpone crème brûlée and homemade baked Alaska.

Before each dish is served, guests get to watch a short animated clip starring Le Petit Chef who “prepares’ each dish right in front of you, complete with slapstick antics in light-hearted animation. It’s like you’re about to eat into a Disney movie.

As you watch this cinema-on-the-table, do not move your plate because the projector is positioned such that the plate itself, actually the whole table, serves as the screen. There’s host or MC in the restaurant itself who explains the short story behind each dish and prepares you for the next episode or dish.

Smoked chicken foie gras ballotine

Le Petit Chef uses the technology developed by a Belgian company, Skullmapping. This innovation uses 3D projection mapping to put a small animated chef onto diners’ plates, where he proceeds to “cook” their food. With the use of overhead projectors, the dining table is transformed into an immersive theater where the tablecloth, plates and utensils serve as  backdrop for the little chef pulling off his culinary stunts.

Seafood soup of grilled seabass, US scallops, tiger prawns, in mussels saffron shellfish

Le Petit Chef performs two shows a night—the first from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and the second from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., Tuesday to Saturday at The Peak’s Veranda Room, which can accommodate 16 people per session.

Homemade baked Alaska

It’s PhP5,800 net per person for the six-course classic menu. Patrons who opt for Australian wagyu beef may upgrade to the premium menu at PhP 6,300. The First Class Menu at PhP 6,800 has premium set and switches the tiger prawns for lobster tails in the bouillabaisse course. A special six-course set menu is available for kids.

For inquiries, call (63 2) 8838 1234 or email [email protected]. Instagram @grandhyattmanilaph and Facebook, www.facebook.com/GrandHyattManilaPh.

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