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Korean Cultural Center launches face-to-face cultural classes July 20

On cooking, taekwondo and traditional dance. Registration starts July 13

Class Registration Schedule

The Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines introduces new lineup of cultural classes on July 20—cooking class, the Korean traditional dance class and taekwondo class, all to be held in its new building at 59 Bayani Road, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

The classes were selected by popular demand.

Cooking Class

The Cooking Class will be taught by KCC’s teacher Lily Min who has handled previous cooking classes. It will be held in KCC’s new Cooking Classroom and will have 16 students per class. The curriculum will touch on different Korean food cooking techniques as well as the history and social culture of Korea through food. Interested participants can select the menu for eight weeks they’d like to join upon registration.

Taekwondo Class

KCC’s teacher Kim Hyo Jun, the president of Korea Taekwondo Association in the Philippines, will handle the taekwondo class to be held in KCC’s new K-Studio and will accommodate 30 students. There will be two sessions on Saturday and 30 students will have a level test on the first day to divide the group into two sessions. It will touch upon the deeply rooted discipline and martial arts centered in Korean culture. It also includes the strengthening of the mind and the body and learning the etiquette associated with it.

Traditional Dance Class

The Korean Traditional Class will be taught by KCC’s teacher Jo Jang Eun who has handled the previous traditional dance classes. The class will be held in KCC’s new K-Studio, and will accommodate 15 students every Saturday. There will be one session a week and its curriculum will touch upon the history and social culture of Korea through its music and dance, particularly Buchaechum or “Fan Dance” which drew influences from traditional Korean folk dances.

All cultural classes will be held from July 20 to September 17, 2022. The students will be selected on a first-apply-first slot basis through forms to be released on KCC’s official Facebook accounts on July 13 at 10 a.m. No fees will are required, and materials needed for the classes such as ingredients, uniforms and gears are also provided for by the center.

KCC offers free Korean Language classes with a hybrid setup. For more information and updates of KCC’s newest events and projects, visit its official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts @KCCPhil, and its website

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