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Solaire’s hit Sunday BBQ Brunch now a regular

Meat selection, grilled oysters, make-your-own sundae

The smoked meat platter Photos by EJ Bonagua

A fun way to celebrate the world opening up is to experience the Waterside’s Sunday Western BBQ Brunch at Solaire Resort.

This brunch experience boasts an abundant selection of grilled staples, like short ribs, smoked beef brisket, homemade sausages, pork belly, a dessert collection where one can make a giant milkshake or sundae.

Starters like soft corn bread comes with smoked butter and honey or Texas-style honey wings with ranch dressing, eggs benedict, waffles and four varieties of salads like the Caesar salad with garlic croutons and parmesan or a light cucumber salad with tomatoes, red onion, and drizzled with lemon herb vinaigrette. There’s also the wedge salad with pork belly burnt ends and blue cheese, and the mom’s potato salad with soft boiled eggs and garden herbs.

Highly recommended nacho chips with queso dip and Texas-style honey wings

For crunchier treats, there’s grilled jalapeno with bacon bits and cheddar or nacho chips with queso dip. The crunchy buttermilk fried chicken paired with cornbread and plenty of country gravy is also a popular choice.

The smoked meat platter serves as main attraction with perfectly grilled meats like the alcohol-infused cuts whisky-cured USDA short ribs or the bourbon baby back ribs. There’s smoked USDA brisket or the barrel smoked pork belly for more charred goodness, also homemade sausages and juicy jerk chicken.

Pulled port eggs benedict

The selection of sides includes the Waterside spiced fries, creamy mashed potatoes, creamed corn or mac and cheese to complement the smokiness of each bite.

There’s cottage pie made with smoked oxtail and pork belly burnt ends spiced with paprika and sweetened with brown sugar. The tender slow-roast beef shin is paired with spicy-tangy chakalaka sauce, while the smoked sausage comes with cowboy beans.

Seafood paella, Cajun kingfish, grilled pulpo, and grilled oysters

For seafood, there’s seafood paella, beer-batter fish with chips, grilled oysters with chipotle bourbon butter, and cajun kingfish.

Cottage pie smoked oxtail

There’s an assortment of Instagramable desserts: moist chocolate layer cake, strawberry confetti cake, or the decadent red velvet. Chunky chocolate brownies are also available and the classic American pie.

To end the Sunday buffet experience, there’s the special milkshake and sundae bar where you can create the most elaborate vanilla milkshake with various cookies and confections and select spirits and liqueurs.

The donut station

Choose from an assortment of cakes

Create your own sundae station and milkshake station

Create the most elaborate vanilla milkshake with various cookies and confections and select spirits and liqueurs

Waterside BBQ Sunday Brunch is now a regular must-go at Solaire Resort, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

For inquiries and reservations, please call 8888-8888 or email [email protected]. For more information, visit https://www.solaireresort.com/watersidebrunch.

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