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Let Women Lead fundraising campaign launched

To give qualified women a chance to serve in government

The Alliance of Women for Action Towards Reform (AWARE) is holding an open-to-the-public virtual launch of its crowdfunding campaign, “Let Women Lead”, to support deserving female candidates in the 2022 elections.

The launch, to be held via Zoom (Meeting ID: 864 1654 3703, Password: LWomenlead) and livestreamed via the Facebook page of Synergeia Foundation, will unveil the “Let Women Lead” website,  and payment gateway where Filipinos can donate to the cause espoused by AWARE.

This will mark the first time in the history of Philippine political campaigns that crowdfunding using a payment gateway is being used as a tool for fundraising.  AWARE envisions getting people from all walks of life to donate as their way of getting involved in the electoral exercise.

“Let Women Lead” was first proposed in September by AWARE co-founder Winnie Monsod, who has been espousing the idea that qualified women be given a chance to serve in government, since women constitute almost 50 per cent of the Philippine population but occupy only 21 percent of elected positions. As of 2016, women comprise 51% of registered voters in the Philippines.

The choice of female candidates who will be given support is based on criteria crafted by AWARE members supported by a group of independent resource persons who are leaders in their respective fields.  The criteria are sound moral character with no history of corruption; consistency in her adherence to democracy and the rule of law and in asserting Philippine sovereignty and an independent foreign policy; committed to implementing social justice and human rights; have the poor as the center of her development agenda; proven competence; and does not come from a political dynasty and will advocate the passage of an anti-dynasty law.

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